Our Super Fab Memorial Day Weekend

Our Memorial Day weekend was a fabulous one. We spent time with great friends, went to the Rangers game, ate out for every single meal (not the wisest decision, but yummy), and just had a super wonderful time overall.
 For some reason Addie and Oliver really enjoyed rolling around on their backs and barking and moaning at each other....not really sure what that was about. But whatever, they had a grand ole time. Other than that, they spent the majority of their time racing around our coffee table at incredible speeds, racing around our backyard at even greater speeds, and stealing toys from each other.

Saturday morning after breakfast and mimosas we decided to go bowling. I am not a great bowler, but I can usually have a pretty good time with it (typically depending on my drink intake). Katie however, is incredibly competitive, and isn't the best bowler. Needless to say she wasn't overjoyed. But the boys seemed to have a good time. Arsen had us all beat until the very last frame, when Q got like three strikes in a row or something. Arsen was not pleased.

The rest of the weekend is a blur of randomness. Saturday night we had dinner at Chuys, mine and Arsen's favorite Mexican place (which is hard to choose in Dallas). Then we went to a bar in Frisco called The Londoner that we've been wanting to try out. It was super packed because of a soccer game and we planned on leaving and heading back to the house to hang out. Somehow we ended up staying until closing time. Funny how that happens. 

I think my favorite thing about the weekend is the fact that we spent it with three other couples. Do you know how incredibly rare this is for Arsen and I? We do have a few couple-friends, but it seems like it's just so hard to get together as a group. More often than not it's me and several guys hanging out, or Arsen and several girls. So the fact that we got to spend the entire weekend surrounded by other couples was just phenomenal. 
 Two of my very favorites
The Newlyweds!
This picture makes me laugh every time I see it

We spent Sunday at the Rangers game getting sunburns and eating $8 nachos, then went out to dinner in Plano to watch the Thunder game. As a native Oklahoman I consider myself a proud Thunder supporter, but Arsen threatens divorce anytime I mention it (die-hard Dallas sports fan, no matter the sport). So I tend to keep quiet and silently cheer them on. 

Rangers Game!

And then Monday was (thankfully) spent resting for the most part. After a trip to see Arsen's parents, a run by Lowe's, and grocery shopping at Target, we basically just relaxed. Much needed after an exhausting weekend. But we had an amazing time, and even though we spent about a million dollars, it was well worth it.

Of course I can't finish out this post without mentioning what Memorial Day is all about. My dad is a veteran of Vietnam (he was in the Navy) and he is probably the most patriotic person I know. Even though I didn't consciously realize it, he raised me to be the same way. I have so much pride in the fact that I am an American, and although our country is definitely not without problems, I'm so glad I live here. I appreciate everything that every single one of our military men and women do. I am that sappy girl that cries whenever I hear the Star Spangled Banner or watch videos of service men and women returning home. So from the very bottom of my heart, I am truly, truly thankful for what they do. 

I hope everyone has a super amazing short week....it's already Tuesday night!!! Woohoo!!!


  1. Looks like such a fun weekend! So funny we do a lot of the same things! We are die-hard Chuys fans! Love me some creamy jap ranch! We live in Austin though... Do you live in Dallas and just are from OKC or the otherway around? Looks like bowling was so fun! I'm only good at it when I'm drunk - so I say... haha. Hope ur having a great weeek!!

    1. Ahhh I love their creamy jalapeno ranch!!! So good! And yes, I'm in the Dallas area now, originally from Tulsa actually. Texas is slowly but surely growing on me :) We are actually planning a trip to Austin soon, I may need some guidance on where to go/what to do from you!

  2. Love that teal dress! And I know what you mean about couple friends, group get togethers are so much fun! Looked like a fun weekend :)


    1. Thank you! I'm obsessed with my dress, I got it at Charlotte Russe for something like $25 ...I always enjoy things more when they're a good deal ;) And I wish I had a pic from the back, it has the cutest cut-out on the lower back part!


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