Weekend Love

Whew! This week flew by, but it was super exhausting. I am oh-so-relieved that it's the weekend. I have big plans for all the things I would love to accomplish...let's see if any of it actually happens. Most of it is super fun stuff like laundry, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming...all the glorious things that I've been too busy to do in far too long.

But I also have a few crafty little projects I'd like to work on. I've been wanting to make something for the front door for awhile now. Either a fun summery wreath, or a letter like something I saw on pinterest...and on one of our neighboors doors. Wonder if they would think I copied them?

Tonight the plan is to relax and catch up on tv shows. We just got back from a yummy dinner at a Thai restaurant downtown Frisco, and I'm just the right amount of stuffed. Tomorrow I really want to go to the new farmers market downtown...and Addie is supposed to be having a puppy play date! Hopefully I will be a good blogger and remember to take lots of adorable photos. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

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