Home is Wherever I'm With You....

Every once in awhile I become obsessed with a song. This one kind of crept up on me. Several of my Pandora stations that I listen to at work kept playing it. I loved it the first time I heard it, but it was one of those things where I was busy working and it didn't register to see who it was. After a couple of times of hearing it, I was officially obsessed. I've looked into this group, and they seem pretty interesting. They're actually playing here in Dallas in a couple of weeks, but my odds of getting Arsen to join me at a show are not great. He's very into...hip hop? I don't know the specific genre, but I'm guessing that's what it's classified as. Anyway, not Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros.

I think the song has the sweetest message ever, and I love the line "home is wherever I'm with you". Ahh, love it. I could go into how this reminds me of Arsen and blah blah, but you get it.

And I (not-so) secretly wish I was a free-spirited hippie frolicking on hill somewhere. I've always been drawn to that lifestyle, but I was never brave enough to be anything other than the happy little blonde cheerleader that everyone thought I was...but that's another post ;)

So sit back and enjoy.


  1. That song always play in our home! I love singing it with my bubba!! Thanks for the blog love, I am glad I found you:)

  2. I love that song.... It's played everyday on my Foster the People Pandora station for the past year. Such a good, sweet song!


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