My Brilliant Baby Dog

The entire drive to work today Addie was trying to talk to us. She was sitting by my feet in the floor board, looking up at me. She refused to sit in my lap because she wanted to make eye contact. She kept opening her mouth in a little O and making a noise, not like a yelp or cry, just a little sound. It's like she was honestly trying to tell us something. When she could tell I wasn't getting it, she would look over at Arsen like, come on, surely you understand!

I think what led to this was that she had been chewing on a piece of fuzz from her favorite orange squeaky ball, and I pulled it out of her mouth and threw it out the window. This was just too much for her. She started growling very quietly, and yelping a little. I swear she was giving me a look of disgust. And she couldn't let it go. She kept talking until we dropped her off at daycare.

I know every dog is special and wonderful, and I love every dog in the world more than what is probably normal. But I swear to you Addie is exceptionally brilliant.

She's not one of those dogs that gets excited over everything that happens. She only gets excited if it's really worth her time. It's like she debates everything before she reacts. And she gets uncomfortable with extended eye contact like a human would. Staring contests are really fun, because she just can't handle it. She also sighs when she's annoyed with us. And when she's mad at me, she will go hours without looking directly at me. I can pick her up and put her directly in my face, and she will look everywhere but at me. She's cold-hearted sometimes.

She also understands English. Not like, she knows when I'm asking if she wants to go outside or when we say "treat". I really think she understands every word. I'll give you an example, because I'm sure you're doubting me.

The other night I took her out to potty before bed, so we went to the kitchen afterward so she could get her treat. She took it and ran to her normal treat-eating spot in the living room. As soon as she sat down I said, "No, take it in the bedroom, it's time for bed". She picked up her treat and trotted off to the bedroom. I hadn't even started walking that way, I was still in the kitchen, so it's not like she was following me. Basically, it's just that she's a genius.

Now I know all of you other dog mommies out there probably have similar stories, or think your dog is just as intelligent as mine. And that's fine. But I know the truth.

Can you imagine what kind of mother I'm going to be? 


  1. She is too cute! My maltese has a similar looking face so I can't help but love it!


    1. Why thank you! I think she's quite precious myself ;)


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