Seven Questions :)

Alright friends, I'm going for it...I'm doing my first "link up" post!  I'm linking up with Gentri Lee, who's blog I just discovered and am thoroughly enjoying :) I'm new to all this business, so here goes.
 First, my funny photos. I think these are a pretty accurate portrayal of what our wedding day was like. My face in the second one is my serious dance face. And maybe a good sign that I had a few too many glasses of champagne.

1. What is your favorite day of the week and why?
Definitely Saturday. I love waking up late (anytime after 9 counts really) and knowing that I can do whatever I want with my day. Sunday's are nice, but I have to prepare for the week and get in bed at a decent hour. Saturday's are the best!

2. If you decided to change your name, what would you change it to?
Hmm...I honestly think Celeste fits me better than anything I could change it to. When I was younger I haaaated having such an uncommon, "weird" name, but now I embrace it. And it goes well with Arsen ;)

3. What is one product you use (it can be for anything) that you feel is a miracle worker?
I would have to go with the whole Murad skincare line. I have always had crazy sensitive skin that would break out more often than not. Since I started using this several years ago things have improved in a major way.

4. High heels, flats, sneakers, or boots?
Do I have to choose just one? I guess I would go with boots. I'm always excited when the weather cools down and I can bring out all my favorites.

5. You see your favorite celebrity (it can be any kid of celebrity- movie star, singer, writer, political leader, blogger) walking down the street, what do you do?
Honestly? Probably nothing. I just can't picture myself approaching anyone. Unless it were someone super approachable like Guiana Rancic or Jessica Simpson. In my head I'd be really great friends with those ladies.

6. If you could pick one item to never have to pay for again, what would it be?
Food. I loooove to eat, and to have it for free forever would be amazing. But I would be HUGE.

7. What was your favorite tv show or movie growing up?
Probably Full House. I had a pretty serious obsession. I wanted to be best friends with  Stephanie Tanner :)


  1. Cute! I used to get teased as Step-on-me when I was little because of that darn show- lol!

  2. LOVE Full House!! Still watch it when I can. haha! :) I'm so glad you joined us last week, and I hope to see you join us in the future. :D


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