The Challenge

This weekend I came up with what I think is a pretty brilliant idea. I've been calling it "the challenge". Sounds so official, right?

Basically, I am in desperate need of some motivation to get back in shape. Since the wedding things have gone downhill at a rapid rate. I'm probably the most out of shape I've ever been. Scratch that. I definitely am the most out of shape I've ever been. Arsen and I do really good for a few days or even weeks, and then we slide back in to the same routine. It's tough for us, because aside from the fact that obviously our bodies require very different work outs, we enjoy different stuff. I like to run and do Zumba (when my knee allows it), and he likes to lift.

Since I don't have a lot of good girl friends around here, I pretty much just do my own thing when it comes to fitness...which leads to the lack of motivation. So when I was chatting with my mom and my best friend Rachel this past weekend, I decided that we should all do a sort of challenge between the three of us. We all have to do at least 20 minutes of some type of exercise every day, and start eating MUCH better. That's it. It's simple, but I feel like it will make a huge difference for all of us. And it will be nice to have two other people to keep us all accountable.

I'm pretty excited about it. I'm by no means overweight, but for the body type that I have (short and curvy), it takes some effort to keep things looking right. I never had an issue with this in my former life. I literally ate fast food, tons of sugary snacks, and drank three or four cokes every day, not to mention quite a bit of alcohol and late night Ihop and McDonalds. And I consistently weighed right around 105 pounds....and then I turned 24. I think I gained 10 pounds overnight. On top of that, it's like I lost all of the natural definition that I always had. When I think about the body I had four years ago with zero work it makes me want to cry. Oh well. Guess that's what getting older is all about. Yay.

So yesterday I went jogging, and today I took Addie on a long walk and did some ab/leg/arm work outs that I found here. I'm hoping the daily group texts that me, mom and Rach are doing will help keep us all motivated.

Anybody have any great fitness or healthy eating tips? I could definitely use them!

Here are some pictures of Addie on our walk today. She's gained about two pounds since we got her....she probably needs to slim down too :)


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday and commenting!
    I had a similar "issue" when I moved in with my boyfriend last that we're living together we cook heartier meals and there is significantly less activity since we aren't running back and forth between each other's houses and always on the go. Good for you for joining up with your mom and friend, it's always great to have people to hold you accountable! And Addie is the cutest little thing!

    1. Living with a boy makes it hard! They can just eat so much more and not unfair. And thanks for the Addie compliment, I'm like a proud mama with her :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! :)

    And I hear you on wanting to just stay in shape and maintain. I've gained 15ish pounds since I got married (1 year ago) and I've finally had enough. I started running and doing Jillian Michael DVDs, so I'm hoping to shed like 5 lbs. and tone what I've got! Good luck! :)

    1. That's my plan as well, just mainly tone what I've got. I've actually got a Jillian Michaels DVD that I used before our wedding. Maybe I should bring that thing back out!


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