Back to Life...

Our quick trip to the OK turned into an all weekend event. I had a teeny tiny feeling that might happen, but I went fully intending on coming back Saturday afternoon. However, before I even got out of bed Saturday morning Arsen started basking in the sun in the uncles pool, which is like heaven for him, so I knew there was a good chance he could be convinced to stay. Then after a yummy, loooong lunch of Mexican food and several beers, he was more than happy to stay and continue the day.

It was a really great, relaxing weekend. We spent some time at the hospital visiting my sweet little granddaddy, and the rest of the time was spent lounging by the pool or on the couch watching TV. The uncles were dog sitting for a good friend of theirs. Not just one, but two little pups- Sophie and Solomon-  so Addie was in heaven. It was a nice, low-key weekend, which we needed after the past couple eventful ones.

One and Only Pic of the Pups
Their pool that I want
 Their gorgeous patio furniture that I want

Saturday night we went out to dinner in Norman (which where my uncles live) to a place called Blackbird. It had delicious food, and it was gorgeous. It's a fairly new place apparently, but it's in this great old building. I tried to get some photos without being too obvious, but I didn't really do it justice.

Arsen and I split two appetizers of Mac and Cheese and Chicken Nachos, my mom had Shepard's Pie, my uncle Rick had Chicken Pot Pie, and my uncle Mark had Spicy Meatloaf. I took it upon myself to sample everyone's food, and every single bit of it was so yummy. Also, their drinks were great. I had a Cherry Basil Mojito that I loved. I could have easily had more than one because it was super refreshing and went down quite quickly, but they weren't cheap. Similar to Dallas prices I would say. Me being the cheap little woman that I am, I couldn't rationalize spending close to 20 bucks on two drinks. No one else seemed to have that issue ;) Not sure if anyone reading lives anywhere near Norman, but it is definitely worth trying!

After dinner we had plans to go back to the house and swim, but after such a heavy dinner and a couple drinks, everyone was ready for bed. Arsen and I sat outside for maybe 20 minutes, trying to motivate ourselves to swim, but it didn't happen. We were in bed by probably 11. I swear, we're getting older all the time....

Sunday morning Mark fixed a huge breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy and eggs with cheese, peppers and mushrooms, and we had bloody mary's and mimosas. I'm telling you, going to visit my family isn't half bad! After lingering around the table for awhile, we decided it was time to head home.

Their built in bar that I want
My favorite little trinket
Their sunroom that I want 

On the way home we stopped by my dad's for a few hours. He still has those crazy flying grasshoppers that terrorized me last time we were there, so once again I had to sprint to and from the car. There are seriously hundreds of them, and they fly. What in the world? I can't take it.

It is way too hot outside in Oklahoma right now to do anything other than lay in the air conditioning. It was 109 this weekend! I can't believe it, but it was actually hotter there than in Texas. Unbelievable. So we layed around chatting with my dad and watching ESPN. Normally watching ESPN for an extended period of time would be my worst nightmare, but they were doing 24 hours of some type of short films, so it was actually interesting. One of them was about Tim Tebow, who I've never paid any attention to whatsoever, but after watching that little film, he just seems so sweet! I might have to hop on the Tebow fan bandwagon....probably not, because let's be honest I'm not much of a sports enthusiast, but still...nice guy. 

After we got back home we weren't too super productive. Arsen did put together my new desk for me though! I've been wanting a small desk to put in one of the upstairs guest rooms, to make into a mini-office for when I work from home. My mom and I were at Target Friday night, just browsing around while we waited to go pick up pizza we had ordered, and I randomly saw a boxed desk on a back row by the towels. It was marked down to $28 because it had a scratch. I looked at the scratch and it was nearly impossible to see, so I pretty much had to have it. It's really cute, and 28 bucks? Are you kidding? You know I love a bargain. In the basket it went.

Other than that, we just caught up on what the Kardashians have been up to. Since we've been so wrapped up in Lost we've missed the last 4 or 5 episodes, and I love me some Kardashians. I don't know why I torture myself, because I just sit there jealous over their beauty (yes I think they're gorgeous) and their money and their fabulous lives....but I love it. Maybe someday Arsen will send me a room full of designer dresses like Kanye sent Kim...maybe. A girl can dream.

So now it's back to life. Back to reality. Ha. (anyone? a little late 80s/early 90's reference? no? mmk.) Alright, I hope everyone had a super fab Monday! I'm off to bed. 'Night friends!


  1. Just came across your blog, so cute! I'm a new follower!

    Seriously, can I have that pool and patio furniture too?

  2. I just found your blog not too long ago, glad I stopped in :)

    I love visiting family, and would definitely love it if they had that pool ;) LOL, glad you had such a fun weekend. Looking forward to following along more!!

  3. I am always indecisive so I love when Rob just wants to split a bunch of appetizers for dinner! That mojito does sound amazing!

  4. I know i'm SO late on this comment but I'm glad you had a great weekend! I loved that ESPN short on TIm Tebow, I've been a huge fan of his for a long time so I'm glad you're jumping the bandwagon!! :) I even have his jersey. Also love the Kardashians to death, could we have any more in common?!?



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