A Few Fab Finds

Happy happy Friday people! Is it just me or was this week crazy? My poor little body and mind are so confused about what day it is. I feel like it's Tuesday, but no! It's actually Friday! Glorious Friday! Pretty exciting stuff. So. Anyhow....

Over my days and days of shopping with my mom last week, I found several super good deals that I want to share (brag about, whatever). I'm a sucker for a good deal, so much so that Arsen thinks I'll just buy anything if it's on sale. Not exactly true, but I do love feeling like I'm getting a bargain.

We went to Marshall's randomly. I'd actually never shopped there before, and I was pleasantly surprised. I found a few things that I was pretty happy about.

I LOVE these sandals, and they were only $14.99. Love.

I couldn't decide which color I liked better in this t-shirt. I'm a big fan of green, but the orange is more neon-looking in reality, which I really liked. For $7.99 I figured I might as well just get both :)

So apparently I'm really into stripes. But I love this tank, it's super light-weight, which is important when it's 8 million degrees outside. Which it will be for the next two months or so here in the great state of Texas. $9.99. Not too bad.

After Marshall's we ventured over to Old Navy. I never used to shop at Old Navy, ever. But in the town that I went to college in, we literally had like five places to shop. Old Navy was one of them. When I was forced to shop there, I learned that they have a lot of great basics for really cheap. So now I'm a fan. I got this cute dress (with more stripes):

These shorts:

And these little headbands:

I spent something like $40-$45 I believe. Not too shabby.

I also got new nail polish at Kroger when we were buying groceries, and I'm obsessed with it. This isn't the best way to showcase nail polish really, because I bite my nails and my hands look like they belong to a 12 year old. I barely have any nails to paint. But you get the gist.

Now, I realize I could greatly improve upon this type of post by modeling my fab finds, but...I just can't. I get super awkward when I have to take photos alone. Like, I don't know where to look or how to hold my hands, and I end up just laughing like an idiot or having a super fake smile. So I'm pretty sure I'll never be one to do "fashion posts". Just the thought of it makes me cringe.

So that's a pretty good haul for somewhere around $100. I don't care how much money we (Arsen) end up making, I will always be that obnoxious person that tells you what a good deal I got on everything I own and will see how far I can stretch whatever amount of money I've got. I think it's charming. Right?

Now that I've inspired you with my great bargain hunting skills (ha), I hope everyone has a super fabulous weekend! I'm SO excited to spend some time with one of my favorite girls and catch up on our exciting married lives. My how things have changed....anyway, have a great weekend friends!!!


  1. I love all of these finds!! Take me shopping w/ you! :) Hope yall have a GREAT weekend!!

  2. OH.MY.GOSH. <3

    Love each of these pieces!
    Especially those gorgeous sandals(:

    Found you through Whispering Sweet Nothings!

    Mind checking out my lifestyle blog True Blue Abbi?
    Please publicly follow if you like it!

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  3. I completely agree about the fashion posts. I'm too awkward to pose for pictures. But your finds look fantastic. Those shoes and headbands have my name on them!

  4. Nice work! I need to make a Marshalls trip - especially since we're in super save mode for baby. I think you've inspired me!

  5. Love all your finds! I can't believe you have never shopped at Marshall's before! I love that place and it's a great store to get name brand's on a budget! Love all the stripes - thats the in thing now!

    I have the same pair of shorts from Old Navy! :) Great minds think alike!


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