Last Weekend = Somewhat of a Fail

It's funny how you can be so excited about something, plan it all so well, and then it just doesn't quite work out. That pretty much sums up a good chunk of my weekend, which is unfortunate.

Friday night went pretty well...I got my yummy sushi dinner that I wanted, and we relaxed like I was hoping. We went to bed decently early, and I got an amazing amount of sleep.

Saturday morning we got up early and dropped off Addie to be groomed and stay the night at her favorite daycare place. She went to the same place in Plano for almost two years, and when I got my new job we had to switch. She still loves that place so much and gets excited whenever she gets to go back. It's pretty cute. Check out her new haircut. Adorbs.

After dropping off the fur baby we picked up Arsen's parents and dropped them off at DFW airport. They're spending a little over a week in Salt Lake City visiting his dad's sister. One observation I made is that the amount of luggage that they take for a week long trip is less than what Arsen and I take for an overnight stay. Not surprising.

Then we went back home to get ready to head out for our fun day in Fort Worth. This is where it all fell apart. We started watching Lost while we ate our lunch, and then we were sucked in for like two episodes. That show does it every time! Then I somehow got inspired to mop the hardwood floors, do the dishes, and a little laundry before showering and getting ready. By the time we finally got around and left the house it was almost four, and we were supposed to be at Arsen's friend Adam's house by 5:30, so...

Needless to say we didn't get to do my fun tour of Fort Worth that I had planned. But we did end up having a really fun night with a lot of good friends. It's so funny how different things are than when I met all these guys in college. We sat at a few tables talking and having a few drinks for a few hours, then left to go home around one. In the past none of us ever would have considered leaving before the lights came on at the end of the we were home in our sweats eating pizza by that time. Unbelievable.

One super exciting thing that happened this weekend is that I got my package in the mail from Amanda at Maggiano Takes Austin. I won her big giveaway last week and I couldn't be more was like my birthday or Christmas! It's the perfect way to brighten my day, a bunch of free stuff :) Look at all my fun little goodies!

Now that the week has started, it's back to reality (blah). Tonight we did some grocery shopping and cooked a super delicious recipe for Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese I got from Sam over at Reddy or Knot. Seriously people, she has the best recipes over there...I think I've pinned every single one of them to my recipes board. And they are all "skinny" versions, so even better! Go check her out :)

I ended the night cuddling with my husband, playing catch with my crazy little dog, and you guessed it, watching Lost. I'm so predictable. Now, on to the rest of the week...


  1. Oooh I saw that recipe on Sam's blog too--now that you've tried it too, I think I'm going to have to add it to our menu next week! Love Addie's new haircut--so cute :)

  2. Buffalo chicken mac and cheese?! That is beyond brilliant...

  3. cuddling and watching lost isnt too bad in my book! its actually perfect haha

    come say a quick hi at :)

    have a wonderful day!

  4. Hey girl! Found you through the GFC hop! I love your pup's haircut!!! So spiffy!

    That stinks that your weekend didn't end up how you planned, but it looks like you had fun anyway!

  5. Found you through the GFC hop!! Hate it when you get sucked into stuff at home.. it always takes us at least an hour just to get out of the house... if we get sidetracked?! It's a fail. Sounds like an amazing weekend nonetheless!

  6. Lol I know EXACTLY what you mean about things not going as planned. I can't tell you how many plans change once Rob and I get sucked into a TV show or we start cleaning! When you're a couple, it's so easy to just spend time together doing trivial things, that sometimes we accidentally forgo our plans. But it still looked like fun! What a great giveaway prize and I love Sam's recipes too!


  7. Those giveaway items are awesome! I especially love that bag!! I'd love to hear the Ft Worth tour you had planned - I've been wanting to take a trip to the Dallas/Ft Worth area. :) & thanks for the new recipe. I'm such a foodie and I think this cheesy goodness will win over my firefighter.

  8. hehe so glad u love it!! i have to try that recipe asap! i am a fiend for buffalo sauce hahah.

  9. ya'll are such a cute couple! our plans change all the time..and half the time the unexpected plans are better than the original plan. following from the GFC blog hop!


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