A Very Belated Weekend Update

I'm a little late with this post. I've just been so busy, with things like watching Lost every free minute that I have, and....that's about it. Have you seen that show? It is so insanely addictive. We're watching it on Hulu and we're maybe a third of the way through the second season. It's literally all we've been doing when we get home from work until the time we go to bed. It's messing with my head, but I can't stop. Anyway....enough about that.

Last weekend our friends Katie and Q came to visit from Tulsa for a friend of theirs birthday. They got in Friday evening and we decided to go play Top Golf. I've never played this crazy game before, but it was actually a lot of fun. I am seriously just awful at it, but I still had a good time.

If you're not familiar with what it is, you're up on this two story high ledge thing, and you hit golf balls off onto the ground below. The goal is to make it into one of the round circles...which I found to be pretty freaking impossible. How do you aim a golf ball? I'm still working on figuring that out....

Check out my cute glove! 

Then on Saturday evening, after a day spent shopping for Katie and I, and at the driving range and taking naps for the boys, we headed out on a party bus for their friend Kara's birthday. I've never been on a party bus before, and it was quite an experience. Twenty or so people riding in the back of this tricked out bus, drinking alcohol and swinging around on a pole (not me, other people. I swear.)...It was intense. Even though we didn't know anyone other than Kara and her husband, we ended up having a really good time. It was a bit awkward at first, because Katie, Arsen and I were the youngest people...by quite a few years. And the older women on the bus didn't seem to be our biggest fans. Actually, I take that back. Older women LOVE Arsen. Always have, always will. He is such a ridiculous flirt with them, and they just eat it up. I've always said if he cheats on me it will be with a muuuuch older woman. Not that he would cheat on me, but still....gotta watch those cougars! So in reality I think they just didn't care for me and Katie....but I think the drinking helped things? Maybe...

After stopping at a random bar and switching buses because the first bus didn't have a working music system (really?), we drove around and made a few stops. One country bar we went to was a lot of fun. Mechanical bull, two stepping, cowboy hats...what can be better?

All in all, very successful weekend. Although, two late nights out just about killed me. I literally don't think I moved more than a total of 10 times altogether on Sunday. I just can't handle it!

And now...it's already Wednesday! I'm already planning for the next weekend, and I feel like this last one just happened. Not that I'm complaining...can't beat a quick week :)


  1. Oh my gosh we're HUGE Lost fans!!! All our friends used to gather on Thursday nights to watch the new episodes. Be glad you're watching it now on Hulu because having to wait months between each season was HORRIBLE! Love your blog!!

  2. I went to Top Golf Dallas last year. After hitting some golf balls we went to the batting cages that are there. Boy was I sore for the next few days! It was so much fun though!

  3. That weekend sounds like so much fun! I've never ever heard of Top Golf but I want to try! Lol Arsen looks like he'd be a hit with the older women, but pshh why cougar it up when you are so pretty! Haha



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