A Day in the Life of Addie Jane

Today has been a challenging day with Addie. After a night out last night, all I really want to do is lay here, eat bad food and watch Lost. Addie, on the other hand, has wanted to do nothing but whine, lay rightontopofme, and do bad things, like escape from the yard.

First she thought it would be a good idea to destroy the new toy I got her last week. Anytime I get her a stuffed toy, she rips into it and pulls all of the stuffing out within a matter of days. Which leaves tons of stuffing all over the house to be cleaned up. She seems to enjoy this process greatly.

Then she decided to partake in her new favorite activity, escaping from the backyard. There is a small gap underneath the fence and anytime we leave her out there unattended for more than three minutes, she takes off. This is super obnoxious since she wants to be outside all of the time, and the last thing Arsen or I want to do is sit in 100 degree heat and watch her snoop around the yard. So today while Arsen was gone getting a haircut, I let her out there for a few minutes. I went out to check on her maybe five minutes later, and she was gone. So I take off running up and down the little alley behind our house, yelling her name over and over. Finally, I check the neighbors yard, and she's just snooping around back there. She finally crawled back under after I rang the front doorbell...it's a surefire way to get her to come running.

After all that drama, she was just exhausted. She had to stretch out in the dining room to cool off and recover.

Then she decided to destroy a water bottle, another of her favorite activities. She likes to chew the lid until it comes off, rip the paper label off, and then roll around on top of the bottle and chew on it until she's completely worn herself out. You can see it just took every ounce of energy in her little body. She finally passed out in the middle of her destruction.

And now she's decided to camp out on the pillow beside me and stare me down. Occasionally she'll whimper a little bit or growl at me. I'm not sure why she's been so crazy today, but I know one little dog who will definitely be going to daycare tomorrow!


  1. She is too cute!! I love how she lies down with her legs back. haha


  2. Sorry you had a rough day with Addie! Glad you were able to get her back safe and sound :) She's such a cute pup!

  3. she may be nuts but she is ADORABLE!!! my sisters lab tears up "babies" in about 2 seconds haha

  4. Sounds like our Billy dog! Always escaping under the fence and tearing stuff up. :-)

  5. Just stumbled across your blog and I'm hooked because I seriously am imagining myself saying the EXACT. SAME. THINGS. ABOUT. MY. DOGS!

    My dogs also destroy toys the second they get them (their favorites are the ones with squeakers inside because they love to take out all the stuff AND go after the squeaker and destroy it or chew on it and I have to suffer through 30 minutes of SQUEAKS before the thing gets torn to shreds!)

    And my dogs also stare me down and growl or bark as if they are completely crazy (now that I think about it, they pretty much are crazy!)

    Oh to be the life of a dog owner!

  6. Aww! Gotta love them though! I'm keeping my Mom's Border Collie, Molly and she is a handful! These dogs really are rambunctious and busy!
    Steph x x

  7. Oh I just love your little dog!! My two dogs are my children but sometimes they need timeouts and need me to "count to 3" for them to understand I am serious :) New follower to your blog as well!


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