The Social Butterfly Strikes Again

Of course my weekend of doing absolutely nothing turned into a weekend of a whole lot of something, thanks to the hubs. The guy just can't help himself. If someone wants to do something, he is always willing to go. This is actually a good thing for me, because I could easily sit at home every weekend and read a book or organize the house or do a little redecorating. He keeps me social.

Anyway, so instead of watching the opening ceremony Friday night, Arsen came home and said we were going to dinner with a coworker of his and his family. We went to Texas Roadhouse, which I love, and then did a quick little Target run. Pretty easy little Friday evening.

On Saturday we had plans to go golfing. Our tee time or whatever it's called was at 10:30, and by that time it was already a million degrees outside. Since I started sweating the minute I stepped foot outside, I made the decision that I would not be golfing, but I would instead be observing from the golf cart. Arsen had also informed me that we would be golfing 9 holes but nope, they'd signed us up for 18.

So basically I drove the golf cart around, sat in it to try and not melt in the sun, and watched everyone else golf. And then I left after 9 holes and went shopping while they all finished. So overall I can't complain :)

After meeting back up with the golfers for a little lunch, Arsen and I went home. He napped while I cleaned up, we ordered Pho for dinner, and watched Lost...until 3 AM! Arsen just kept saying "Let's watch one more!", and how was I gonna say no to that? So we did.

Today we had brunch with friends, did some work around the house, went to the gym and bought groceries. Tomorrow I'm starting a weight loss cleanse, and we stocked up on tons of fruits and veggies. I have GOT to do something to get back in shape. I cannot believe how out of shape I am. Last week I finally realized how bad it's gotten, and I am horrified. So I'm hoping to jump start things a little and then take it from there. We'll see how it goes, but seriously, I've gotta do something.

Now it's time for yet another week. I can't believe it's already almost August! This year is absolutely flying by. But I am so incredibly excited that it's almost fall. It's my very favorite time of the year, and I wish it lasted longer around here. It will stay deathly hot until almost October most likely, and then by December it's pretty freaking cold. So I really, really enjoy the couple of months of glorious fall weather that we get.

So I guess it's time to head to bed and get ready for another Monday. I'm looking forward to happy hour with friends on Wednesday, and hopefully a less stressful work week than the last one. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. Which cleanse are you doing? I'd like to do one too.

  2. Mark and I do the "let's just watch one more episode" thing all the time with Dexter! haha

  3. Sounds like the perfect weekend!!!
    I need to get back in shape too!!!

    I am a new follower ;)

    Feel free to pop by and say hello!


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