4 Months...

My oh my...how are we already here? Baby boy is four months old today and that is blowing my mind, people. This month has been positively fantastic in our little world. Grayson has turned into the happiest little guy on the block these days, which in turn makes for a pretty happy mommy and daddy. I'm starting to really allow myself to relax into my role as a stay at home mama and I'm trying to let go of the guilt that I feel for not having a "real" job. This is where I'm meant to be right now and I wouldn't trade all these little moments for anything in the world. I feel like I enjoy each day more and more as we fall into more of a routine, and I'm pretty sure my obsession with our little G man grows each and every day.

My little guy,

You are four months old today and I can't believe how fast the time is passing us by. I feel like you just got here, yet I feel like I've known you and loved you for my entire life. This month has been a fun one, filled with all kinds of new discoveries on your part. You are officially happy and smiley more often than you are grumpy or cranky, and let me tell you, we love that.

Our house is full of baby chatter, shrieks and squeals for the majority of the day, and it still makes my heart feel like it's going to burst with love every time you look at me and smile. Anytime I walk up to you, whether you're in your swing or in someone's arms, you get a huge smile on your face, squeal and kick your legs. You really know how to make your mama feel special! I'm working on getting you to reach for me...for the most part you just wiggle your arms around and kick your legs, but you've started kinda-sorta reaching sometimes, which is precious. You've also started watching me very intently anytime I'm in your line of vision....I'm hoping all this attention you're showing me means that I'm well on my way to turning you into a mama's boy like I've always wanted ;)

You've started watching Addie pretty closely at all times, and she gets some pretty good smiles and squeals out of you. When she shakes and her tags rattle, or when she jumps down off the couch it makes you jump pretty big, but you never seem scared of her. You shouldn't be, I'm pretty sure you already outweigh her by a few pounds.

You're also a big fan of your daddy. I think he's a little better than me at getting big squeals and smiles out of you...probably cause he's a little more of a daredevil than me and holds you up in the air where you feel like you're flying. Anytime he walks into the room your little face seems to light up. I also think he's falling more and more in love with you with every new thing he sees you do.

This month you've started doing several new things that we all find oh-so-impressive and amusing. Just in the last few days you've become a pro at reaching for things and holding them in your little hands...and then immediately bringing whatever it is to your mouth. You roll over from your back to your tummy a lot now, and actually would prefer to sleep that way if I would allow it. In the past few days you've started arching your back really big and throwing an arm back at the same time...now we have to constantly be on guard when we're holding you. You've also started planting your feet and arching your back into the air, then sliding down anytime we sit you up. Then you immediately get mad because you're laying instead of sitting.

You are getting much, much better at tummy time...you raise yourself up on your little elbows and look around like it's the easiest thing in the world. I knew I didn't need to worry about you not wanting to do it. I'm pretty sure you are strong enough to do just about whatever you want, but unfortunately I'm pretty sure you are just as stubborn as both of your parents and want to do everything only when you want to do it.

You're also still gagging yourself pretty much all the time because you suck on two or three fingers instead of sucking your thumb like a normal baby. You haven't quite figured out that you're the one causing all the gagging. You are drooling and biting on things constantly and have been for quite some time...I keep expecting to wake up any morning and see little baby teefs sticking out.

I think the best, most fun thing this month has been making you laugh. You're stubborn with it, and I've only gotten really good belly laughs out of you on two different days. You smile and squeal and kinda-almost-maybe laugh a lot, but those really big, sweet baby giggles have only happened a handful of times. And I looooove it when it happens! Mama and daddy both spend an absurd amount of time dancing, making silly faces, and fake laughing (loudly) trying to make those little giggles come out, and most of the time we just get a sly little smile or raised eyebrows from you. Really making us work for it!

Your favorite things right now are sitting in your Bumbo chair, sitting outside on the deck where it's warm, chattering away in the early mornings or after a good nap, and being carried around so you can observe everything. Mama's arms are getting a good workout because you want to be held all the time and you are not a small baby! Your least favorite things are clothing changes, laying down and missing out on anything, and falling asleep. You rarely drift peacefully into sleep...we usually have to work for it.

Overall, you are an absolute joy to be with and make my heart so happy I can barely stand it. You are just the best thing in the world and I can hardly remember what life was like before I had you to love. You are turning into my best little buddy and I'm having so much fun watching your silly little personality develop. I adore you, my love, and am so very thankful you are mine.




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