Am I Still Cool?

Now that I'm a mom I'm finding that I feel like my cool factor has gone down a bit. Pushing around a stroller and hauling around a big diaper bag really don't just scream "young, wild and free". I mean, obviously, because I am really none of those things anymore. Maybe young. I'm still hanging onto my twenties by a teeny tiny thread.

Anyway, I was driving home from picking up my car from the shop about 45 minutes away the other day, and it was the first time I was alone in my car for more than maybe 5 minutes since Grayson has arrived. I took full advantage and turned my music up as loud as possible and held a private little concert. Now, I may complain to Arsen about his taste in music a lot, but I do love me some ghetto hip hop from time to time. For some reason that's what kept popping up on my iTunes, and I won't lie, I was doing my fair share of car dancing. Especially to "No Hands" (Waka Flocka? Anyone?). That one gets me every time.

And right then, in that (embarrassing) moment, I realized that I am now someone's mother. Anytime Arsen and I get the chance to go out with friends and I am having a drink and dancing up on my husband, I will be someone's mother. That is decidedly not cool.

When I was pregnant and I would get the urge to dance I always felt like Fat Monica on Friends.

So at least I don't have that feeling anymore. But I do feel somehow just...uncool. Will I be able to get my sexy back? Is that something that happens? Am I not cool for even saying "get my sexy back"? Do I just need to go out with my husband and some friends and have a couple of martinis? I don't know. But I intend to find out. And something tells me if a couple of martinis are involved, it won't matter and I'll think I'm the best dancer out there. So there's that. 

As long as no one catches anything on video we should be good. 

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  1. Hehe Moms are cool in their own way! No one wants to be 21-year old party cool anymore anyways. Especially hot young moms like yourself! :)


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