Sprucing Things Up

I love decorating. I love home decor. I love crafty little projects. I love working on crafty little projects to decorate our home. Seems simple, yeah? Somehow, with a wittle baby, it seems like it's been about 18 years since I have done anything remotely crafty at all, and just as long since I've done anything new to our house. So since my mind is a big ol' jumble and I can't ever remember exactly what it was that I was thinking I wanted to do to (insert random project here), I think I'll make a little list to keep me on track in the fleeting moments of free time I get in a day. I plan to DIY as much of this as possible...or thrift and re-do. Now that I'm a stay at home mama I gotta save that $$$!

  • Buy new plants for the pots on our front porch...and keep them alive. Not crafty, but good Lordy it needs to be done.
  • Add light fixtures to the front columns of the house. 
  • Line the flower beds with rock or brick.
  • Paint the front door. Black? Dark Gray? Black/Brown? Red? Who knows...
  • Rug for the entry.
  • New light fixture for the entry.
  • Sofa table to replace our 1987 super shiny hand-me-down.
  • Paint the banister on the stairs.
  • Get black and white wedding photo canvas for gallery wall by stairs.
  • Paint kitchen walls something other than gross golden-yellow.
  • Brighten up kitchen with more colorful accents.
  • Paint credenza in garage and move to breakfast nook area.
  • Organize kitchen cabinets...somehow.
  • Paint accent wall behind TV Darker color? Stripes?
  • New shade/blinds for back door.
  • Tear out deck in backyard.
  • Tear down tree in backyard.
  • Have concrete/brick patio put in. 
  • Add sod, small trees/bushes to backyard.
  • Tile floors to replace blah linoleum in laundry room and half bath.
  • Add shelf above washer and dryer.
  • Paint laundry room.
  • New faceplates on light switches throughout house.
  • Add something above bed in master bedroom. Gallery wall? Large piece of art?
  • New light fixture by shower in master bath.
  • Paint cabinets in master bath.
  • Tile floor to replace linoleum in upstairs bathroom.
  • Paint walls in upstairs bathroom.
So. That should keep me pretty busy. I've got several other little bitty projects I want to work on for random decor stuff, but those are the real "house projects" that I want to accomplish. I've got loads of inspiration gathered on Pinterest and Houzz, so I should be good to go.

I'm hoping this will keep me accountable and ensure that I actually get one or two of these things done in the next few months. I mean, some days I'm lucky if I get to brush my hair, so we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck! 

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  1. Oh my gosh you are going to be busy until he is 18 years old. I understand the list. I have a similar list on my blog that I can go to when I feel the need to get productive.

  2. This is such a good idea. I have so many little things I want to do or decorate in our home...making a list so I actually remember what they are is an awesome plan.


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