Flashback Friday- Grown Up Edition

I had a lot of fun with my last Flashback Friday post, so I thought I'd keep it going this week. This time, I'm focusing on the things that I've done since graduating college a few years back. Right after graduation Arsen and I moved to the Dallas area and started our careers, got engaged almost immediately, got married a year later, bought a house, and had a baby. Needless to say, we've had a lot going on. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the not so distant past. (And BTW, I was way too lazy to edit these photos, so please ignore my red demon eyes in almost every one of them). 

Arsen is a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan, so for our two year dating anniversary I bought us tickets to go tour the new stadium. It was one of the first real "Dallas" outings we had. 

 Addie's "3rd Birthday". Since we adopted her we have no idea how old she actually is or when her birthday is. We celebrate every year on October 3rd, the anniversary of when we got her. Also, this was her "3rd birthday", because we say she was in her terrible twos when we got her :) I make her a homemade cake every year.

 One of the first OSU games we went back to after graduating, the weekend Arsen proposed. Doesn't he just look so thrilled about spending the rest of his life with me?

This night was totally random, and ended up being one of my favorite nights EVER. In February 2011 Dallas had a HUGE snow/ice storm and the city like, shut down. I think we have like 5 snow plow truck things for the entire DFW area because it just doesn't snow that often here. Anyway, this was like four or five days into the storm, and we had all been either not working or working from home so we were getting a little stir crazy. My roommate Amelia and I put on some yoga pants and snow boots and went to grab dinner and drinks with Arsen and a few of his friends. Cut to six hours later and we're at a bar dancing our little hearts out dressed in our scrubbiest clothes. (People do NOT dress scrubby around these parts to go out, trust me.) Seriously, one of the best times I've had since living here. 

I think this was about three months before Arsen and I got married, and when we got to the bar the girls and I decided that this would be my "fake" bachelorette party. I think we found a bachelorette pin laying around or something, I can't remember the motivation. Anyway, I'm assuming our little ploy worked, because judging by this photo I enjoyed plenty of free drinks that night. 

My actual bachelorette party. Such a fun, fun night that's honestly a bit of a blur. I blogged about it, but it wasn't a very detailed post :)

Our wedding. One of the best nights of my life by far. We had so much fun...it was really just a huge party more than anything. I blogged about this too, here and here.

Our Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I still think about this trip and get a little nostalgic and sad...it was just such an amazing trip and I would kill to go back to that time for a day or two. Also blogged about the honeymoon here


  1. It's fun to look back on memories like these...especially ones around wedding time! I would love to go back and just be able to experience the excitement of my wedding and honeymoon again!

  2. this is a great flashback friday!! love your fake bachelorette!! you're so pretty!!


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