And...I'm Old.

I watched the VMA's tonight for the first time in, oh, 10 years? The only reason I did this is because I heard rumors of an NSYNC reunion, and I was the most crazily obsessed NSYNC/Justin Timberlake fan as a teenager. Like, room covered in posters, recorded every performance or TV appearance they ever had, seriously convinced one day I would meet Justin and we would fall madly in love. That kind of almost scary obsession...

So I watched the VMA's, and I got my NSYNC reunion, and it was glorious, although it was entirely too short. And I got an amaaaazing performance from Mr. Timberlake (and my husband got to hear me gush about how much I love him and how much I hate Jessica Biel). And that's just about the only part of the VMA's that made any sense to me.

Miley Cyrus. What the hell. I just can't even. I felt embarrassed for the girl the entire time she was on stage, but she certainly didn't seem to care. Surely she's on drugs, right? Good Lord. And then I didn't really know who probably 50% of the people were who were nominated for things. The Lady Gaga performance was...interesting. So was the Kanye one, I guess. And Taylor Swift did a great job of audience dancing. I mean. I guess I just don't get what's "in" these days.

So this is just one more thing that re-enforces how not cool I am. But I think I'm perfectly fine with it. I miss the 90s. The 90s were a time of innocence compared to this insanity. Britney Spears crawling around onstage and kissing Madonna was PG compared to Miley and that foam finger of hers. And what let's me know that I'm really super old and uncool is the fact that I just kept thinking, when Grayson and my other future bebes are old enough to watch MTV, what in the eff are they going to be exposed to? This stuff is SO inappropriate right now, I can't even imagine the madness that will be ok to be televised in 10 or 15 years!

My teenage self would roll her eyes and think I am so incredibly lame if she could see me now....I guess it happens to the best of us.


  1. Billy Ray has to be the proudest dad in all the land :)

  2. 90s-2000s music was by far the best. I will forgive the fact you an NSync fan though ;) BSB all the way!


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