Flash Back Friday- The College Edition

I never participate in the whole #TBT or #FBF thing on Instagram...I honestly just never think about it, plus I'm really not a hash-tagger (Too cool for school? Maybe.). But, it does seem kinda fun, so today I thought I would dedicate a post to #FBF. Just some classic photos from my past that make me smile. It was surprisingly difficult to find photos where someone in the picture doesn't look at least slightly intoxicated....says a lot about my early twenties. So basically this could be a lot more fun, but most of the people involved are professionals now so I have to think about them I guess ;) On with the photos!

My best friend Rachel and I....we probably have about a million photos together, but these are from the brief period of time that we lived together. It was definitely a crazy time in my life, and Rachel had to put up with me while raising a 4 year old daughter (my Goddaughter Averi). BUT, I would like to think that I had a great influence on Averi during the time we lived together because now that she's approaching her pre-teen years, she is basically a little mini-me. It's Rachel's curse in life to be surrounded by slightly spoiled little shopaholic drama queens. Poor girl. 

This was my sophomore year of college...the first time I attempted it. These girls were my best friends at that time in my life, and we had some fun times together figuring out life right out of high school. So crazy to think that it's been 10 years this month since we met!

Halloween 2007 at OSU. I had just started hanging out with these girls, who I met through some hilarious circumstances. Basically the tall brunette next to me and myself were kinda-sorta dating the same guy...at the same time. We both knew who the other was, and we weren't each others biggest fans, obviously. And then, somehow she, her best friend Katie (the redhead on the end who is now one of my very best friends) and I became inseparable. Needless to say, neither of us ended up with that guy ;)

These are just too embarrassingly hilarious not to include. That hat is so ugly I can't believe I ever owned it...and who doesn't love two little white girls acting super-hood? Sadly, Katie, Laura and I have several photos in similar poses...and the almost kissy-face is a college girl classic, am I right?

This makes me happy because it is four of my very favorite girls in the world, in my very favorite bar from my days at OSU. Sadly, Dirty's is no longer open. I would imagine it was shut down because of a health code violation or something, but I'm not sure. It was literally the dirtiest bar I've ever been in...the floors were made of some tar-like substance that ruined many of my shoes, and there were never paper towels...and sometimes not even toilet paper....in the girls bathroom. But they had huge, cheap drinks, and I had some of the best times of my college career in that bar. 

Spring Break 08 in Panama City Beach, Florida. I had so much fun on this trip with these girls. Gotta love those faces...

College roommates at OSU. Apparently we really loved that exact pose. 

These two are from the first weekend I hung out with A. Probably one of the most fun weekends I can remember. It was all excitement and giddiness and flirting and all of the fun that goes along with the first little bits of a relationship. We have been inseparable since that very first weekend. 

Our first Halloween together. A didn't buy a costume and found this in a friends closet right before we left to go out. If I remember right Katie and I bought him a costume while he was at work that night, like a dress and gloves or something? It's kind of a blur, but needless to say he didn't choose to wear what we got.

I just LOVE this picture of me and Katie. It captures exactly how I remember most of our nights out in Stillwater. Such a fun time in my life.

HA. Another one that just makes me laugh. I can't tell you how many pictures of A and I have Katie photobombing in the background.

For the first year or so of mine and A's relationship we were almost more of a trio than a couple. I have more fun memories with these two than with anyone else in my life. This picture makes my heart happy. 

Well, that was fun. For me at least. Now, don't forget to enter to win $50 to Walgreens from Dr. Smith's! You've only got one day left! Good luck...I hope you win ;)


  1. cuuuuuuuute! girl you are so gorgeous!

  2. I love college pictures. I wish for one day I could go back in time and be that girl again. Oh how I thought I had problems. I would love those kinda problems today.

  3. Love memories! Came across your blog and I too have a 3 month old baby! Sophia was born on April 17, few days before your cutie pie. Thought I would introduce myself! Have a great weekend!


  4. Cute pictures! I love looking back on old friend pictures :)


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