A Half-Birthday Celebration

I guess I should have known that since I'm the type of person to celebrate my dog's birthday every year that I would also be the type of person to celebrate the half-birthday's of my children. The closer we got to the 6 month mark, the more I realized I couldn't just let it pass by unrecognized. So I gathered some craft supplies up, made a birthday banner, pureed G some food, bought him several presents, and had the grandparents come by to celebrate. Poor guy had zucchini as his b-day treat instead of cake and ice cream...and let me tell you, he was not pleased.

I've been hearing comments that lead me to think that some people think I'm a bit ridiculous. My grandmother told my mom that we better have some more kids, because if we're celebrating his half-birthday he's going to be awfully spoiled if he's the only one :) Arsen also made a remark about the fact that he got six gifts for six months and that it was insane, but in reality he only got five gifts...so ha! Totally not insane.
Even though I realize Grayson will absolutely never remember anything about his "celebration", and that yes, it might seem a bit crazy, I loved doing something special for my special guy. I'm really thriving on this mama stuff I think, so what can I say...it makes me happy. And a happy mama makes for a happy baby and a happy daddy, yes?

But I promise we won't have an actual celebration for every half birthday. Only the first one. I think. Actually, I'm not making any promises...


  1. Oh my, I just love this so much! My hubs cringes every year when I tell him what I spend on my bonus son's birthday! So I don't have any doubt I will be the same way when I have an infant, so you won't be ridiculous alone! :)

  2. Love your sweet baby boy! Happy 1/2 birthday Grayson! :) Hehe! You are such an awesome momma! My hubby and I got married in February and I am already feeling a little baby crazy. He is a full time grad student here at UNT, so I KNOW we need to wait a few more years. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am thrilled to meet another North Texas blogger! You are precious!

  3. So adorable!!!!! Are you going to blog about starting him on solids? I would love to hear how it goes when you do. Turner will be 5 months tomorrow and we still haven't started, but may in the next few weeks.

  4. Well, how could you not- just look at that sweet face! I think people do better being celebrated than not....we should celebrate each other more!! :) Thanks for the day brightener!

    Love, Joy

  5. Words alone are not enough to express how go to this website happy I am you are celebrating another year of your life! My wish for you on your birthday is you are and will always be happy and healthy! Don’t every change.


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