7 Months

My baby is officially more than half way to his first birthday. It's crazy to think how fast the last seven months have flown by, and it's even crazier to think that in five short months I'll have a one year old little boy. Ahhhh, time slow down just a little, please!

I think every month I say that the past month has been my favorite, but I really do think his six month was our best so far. Aside from a little teething and a scary throwing up episode, it was pretty much smooth sailing in month six. He's getting bigger and cuter and funnier every day, and I'm soaking up every single minute with this guy.


I don't even know where to begin with your letter this month. Every single day I'm pretty sure I become just a little more obsessed with you, and I'm trying desperately to keep myself in check and not become one of those crazy mommies who spoils her baby beyond all belief...but there's a pretty good chance it might just happen. I know I'm raising you exactly how I feel like I should, exactly how it feels right to me. But I have been warned that I may be asking for trouble in the future.

Right now, you want mama near you just about 24/7. I can't really walk more than five feet away without you starting to whimper. You've got the "mamamama" thing down, and you use it anytime you think I'm leaving your comfort zone. You're happy with other people, but if we're the only ones around you want to be thisclose to me at all times. Crawling on me, sitting on my lap, touching my face, kissing me...I always say when you're in high school I'm going to remind you how you used to try and french kiss your mom all the time. I'm sure you'll love that ;)

You are becoming a huge flirt...seriously, it's unlike anything I've ever seen. It's literally like you know what you're doing and you turn on the charm for people. Or girls, to be more specific. You smile your sideways grin, bat your eyelashes, and dance or bounce up and down. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen, but it also concerns me for your future. I'm afraid you might be taking after your daddy and your Papaw. Yikes. You also will let any woman hold you and are super happy about it. Still a little leery of men though...I don't blame ya.

You are growing like a little weed. At your six month check up you weighed a little over 18 pounds, but I swear you're at least 20 now. You're also getting long, and your fingers and toes look like they belong to a little kid instead of a teeny baby. It makes mama just a little sad to see how fast you're turning into a big boy, but I really am enjoying every single new stage.

You do something new every single day, I swear, and it's so hard to keep up! As soon as I think one of your hilarious new things is going to stick, you never do it again. I need to keep better track, because man, you make me laugh with some of this stuff. Lately your laugh when you're really excited has turned into more of a grunt/squeal where it sounds like you're saying "yeah! yeah! yeah!" over and over. I've got to get it on video before you outgrow it, because it makes me laugh until I'm almost crying. You've also started screaming this hilarious happy, excited scream when Addie gets all worked up and is doing her "crazy dog" thing. And when I say screaming, I mean at the top of your lungs where it hurts our ears. It's so cute to see how excited she makes you. I'm so glad you love her so much.

You still aren't quite crawling, but man oh man are you close! You've got the back half figured out, but the arms are tripping you up. You rock, rock, rock on your hands and knees, move your knees like you need to, go into what looks like a downward facing dog yoga pose, then slowly face plant. You do this over and over and over. I know someday soon you're just going to take off...and then I'm pretty sure I'll never sit down again. You also started pulling up just about a week ago. You pull up in your crib and when you're holding onto people. You are so on the verge of being very mobile. Time to baby proof the house, I guess!

One of my favorite things you do is when we first wake up in the mornings. You lay really close to me and study my face. You look so intently, and then you start exploring things...touching my nose, my teeth, my eyes, cupping my face with your tiny hand. It's so, so sweet. You also give really good hugs now, and I can tell that the love your daddy and I have for you is mutual. It's so sweet to see you developing real feelings for the people you love.

You are officially a big boy I think, because you sit in high chairs and shopping carts when we go out now. No more lugging you around in that carseat, thank goodness. You also have made doing anything like shopping or eating out a bit difficult, because you want to touch and grab and taste and lick everything you see. I'm constantly pulling your hands off of things. You're a busy body, always exploring and studying...you've seriously been curious and studious since day one, and that definitely hasn't changed.

Your favorite things are dancing (to anything...songs, me singing, or just simply because you're happy),  laying in your bath and playing with the water coming out of the faucet, hanging all over mama, getting your hands on Addie (when she allows it), Daddy tossing you up in the air a tiny bit, or when he kisses all over your neck and belly, and anytime we ask you "Grayson, what sound does the (insert animal) make?" and then make the sound. Your least favorite things are changing clothes, although you're so much better, and eating solid foods. I think we've discovered you are not a fan of purees or of having someone feed you, so I think we're about to hop on the Baby Led Weaning train.

You are seriously just a complete and total joy to be around these days. You and I have so much fun together all day every day, and our weekends with daddy are even better. You are such a good, happy baby, and you make me so proud every single day. I love you more than life itself, and I'm so very glad you are mine.




  1. I absolutely LOVED the 6 month age. They really do get more fun by the day! Happy 7 Months little man!

  2. He just gets cuter and cuter and I have to tell you that each month will get more fun.


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