Oh, Monday...Why Are You Here Again

How is the weekend already over? Seriously, how does this happen? I feel like it was just Friday afternoon. It's not near as depressing now that I get to stay home with the little one, but still...weekends are just always more fun.

We had a pretty low-key weekend over here. A whole lotta grown up stuff, nothing too exciting. Friday night my big event was going to get a spray tan and picking up Chipotle for dinner. Wife of the year, right here. Then, I spent the majority of my evening from about 9:30 until forever holding a restless baby who just couldn't seem to stay asleep.  And then from midnight until right around 3 AM I got to sit up with a very, very wide awake baby. It was unreal. I can't think of any other time that he has literally gotten up in the middle of the night and just stayed up. I ended up just coming into the living room and watching TV for about an hour until he finally passed out. Then the little stinker woke up at 7:30 ready to go...thankfully I married a great man who got up with him and let me sleep until about 9:30. Thank the good Lord above, because I would have never survived on less than five hours of sleep. That stuff is for the birds. And mommies of newborns. And I am neither.
Right before he woke up...and stayed up...

After we finally got up and around, we went to the place where all families seem to go on Saturday afternoons: CostCo. OMG...what a cluster f-word that was. Pure chaos. From there we went to Central Market for groceries. This literally took about three hours, so G ended napping through most of the grocery shopping. After we were back in the car heading home, I looked at Arsen and said "Babe, we are such grown ups. Seriously, our entire Saturday was spent grocery shopping." It made me feel incredibly lame. But somehow, I'm fine with it.

Then, just to spice things up, we decided to go have sushi for dinner. This was not the wisest idea, since Grayson has been a bit fussy/sleeping strange/etc., but Arsen was having a serious craving. So we got there, and Grayson was happy in his high chair for approximately three minutes. Then he wanted water, he wanted to chew on a straw, he wanted to chew on the table, he wanted OUT, he wanted to throw everything we handed him onto the floor...needless to say, it was the quickest dinner I think we've ever had. 

On our way home around 6:30, Grayson fell asleep for a little nap...which meant he was definitely not ready for bed at 8, which is what his normal bedtime is. So he got to hang out with us until about 10:30, and then he and I both passed out. What a very exciting Saturday night we had...sigh.

Sunday was spent cleaning house, cleaning out the flower bed in our front yard because it was 85 FREAKING DEGREES outside, (seriously, people...it's November), and getting all the Christmas decorations out, strewing them all over the house, and then not finishing a thing. 

All in all, not a bad weekend. We spent a lot of time lounging around on the floor trying to get G to crawl and giving Addie some much needed attention. Grayson has started a couple of new things that we find just absolutely precious. He growls a lot, which is hilarious. He's been rolling his tongue around in his mouth all weekend and pursing his lips up in a little O. And he has started screaming. Mainly at Addie. Anytime she barks, or runs past him, or plays with Arsen...or just gets near him. He screams and laughs and shrieks. It is so loud it is unreal. But so cute. He also pulled up by himself to standing for the first time. He was sitting in his crib and next thing we knew he was just standing there. Big boy!

So now we start a new week. We might possibly be going to Oklahoma for an OSU game this upcoming weekend, so if so it should make the week pass by quickly. My major goal for the week is to actually get all of these Christmas decorations put out...but that sounds somewhat brutal, so there's a good chance come next weekend all these tubs will still be laying around our living room. Wish me luck! 


  1. I am right there with you! Mondays used to be so hard and now that I work from home, they’re not so bad! But, I have to agree – weekends are the best. We need a couple extra days during the weekend. Aww, no sleep is not fun. But look at that sweet picture! SO precious! I remember those kinds of dinners…hang in there! They grow out of it. I think there was a period of 6-9 months when we didn’t eat out because of Mason’s crazy fits he’d throw. But, now we are able to go and {mostly} enjoy them again!! I love all of the new milestones little ones go through…big and small! SO exciting! And I am jealous that you are getting your Christmas decorations out! Every time I mention it my husband looks at me like I have 3 heads and says, “It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!”

  2. Jack pulled the "let's pretend we are in college and let's party at 3 am" on Saturday night. He woke up at midnight and didn't go back to sleep until after 3. Thankfully I was at my parents house (Jeremy was working) and my dad took around 2:30. I checked on them after 3 and they were in the guest room fast asleep. It was precious.

  3. It is a weird feeling isn't it when you realize that you are a grown up. :)


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