Laundry Room Makeover -- Inspiration

My laundry room is horribly boring. I feel like that's typically a pretty boring room in any house. But we enter our house through the garage about 95% of the time, and we walk in to the laundry room first thing. Whenever we have guests, they have to walk through the laundry room to get to the half bath. Also, I feel like I spend an absurd amount of time in there these days....seriously, does laundry ever stop??? So even though it's not that exciting of a place to be I feel like I've got plenty of motivation to make it pleasing to the eye. Or my eyes, more specifically.

I don't want to do a big overhaul, because this is something I'll have to fit in during nap times. I wish we could replace the floors. Oh, how I wish. The laundry room, half bath, and guest bath upstairs all have that awful linoleum flooring that was so popular in the early 90s when our house was built. I desperately want to replace it all, but it's not really in the budget at the moment.

So basically, I need something inexpensive and easy that I can do on my own in not a lot of time. Simple, yeah? I've been browsing through Pinterest and houzz lately for some inspiration, and these are my favorites so far.
I'm all over the place here. No real consistent thing I'm going for yet, obviously. A couple of notes: it's a small room, only wide enough for a washer/dryer. There are three doors (to the guest bath, garage, and living room), so the only solid wall is the back wall behind the washer/dryer. No windows, no natural light whatsoever. So, yeah...not a whole lot to work with!

So, anybody have any great advice/suggestions/ideas for me? I would LOVE the help!


  1. I am in the same boat!!! Here is ours...

    tiny room, no natural light and no room! Grr!

    xo Melissa

  2. I'd love to redo mine also - as it is also my pantry. No laundry never stops,even when your kids are 18. I'd start with a coat of paint and some organization - cute baskets, shelves, etc. and go from there.

  3. We went through this last year. Exhausting but fun. Here is the pin board that I used for inspiration when we redid our:

  4. Actually I am using the first image for my inspiration for my laundry room as it is just about that size. The cabinets are perfect for storing cleaners and laundry soap.

  5. Do you have front loaders? If you do, then you could build a shelf on top to give you a straight surface to work with on top. Since you have no windows, I'd stick to light and bright colors to help keep the space opened up.

  6. My laundry room is just big enough for the washer and dryer. It has 2 doors, one to the garage and one to the house. It needs some serious help!

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