A Family Photo Session

A little while ago we decided to get family photos done. Or, more accurately, I decided we needed to have six month photos done for Grayson, Arsen disagreed, I got very sad and explained just exactly why I was so sad (I want to treasure and preserve every important milestone of our first precious baby, duh), and Arsen surprised me by scheduling a session with our favorite photographer without my knowledge.

And that is why I married him, friends.

So about two weeks ago we gathered up Grayson and Addie and headed to this beautiful waterfall area in Richardson for some photos. That morning was hectic, to say the least. I had planned out our outfits a few weeks before, and like the amateur mother that I am, I didn't try G's clothes on him beforehand. So about 30 minutes before we were leaving Arsen was getting him dressed and his sweater was HUGE. It's a 3-6 month size, so I figured we were good since that size always fits. So of course I start panicking, and I realize there isn't anything else that he has that I feel is "photo appropriate". So I found the only sweater he has that really fits him and matched with what I had picked out for Arsen and I, and I just went with it.

I had also decided that I wanted Addie to be in a few pictures, because we've never done photos (other than maternity, and I was too pregnant to care ha) without her. I decided this last minute, of course, so she hadn't been groomed and desperately needed a bath. So before I showered and got myself ready that morning I bathed her, brushed her, and made her look all pretty.

Needless to say, mama was the least primped for photos out of the entire bunch, but I still think they turned out beautiful. Grayson was the best baby EVER for the entire shoot, and we even got Addie to cooperate for a few. We tried getting one of just the two of them but she was not having it. No big surprise there.

The photographer was actually someone we hadn't used before that works for Laura, who normally does our pictures, but she did an excellent job. If anyone in the DFW area is looking for a photographer, be sure to check out Fairy Tale Photography. They do an AMAZING job. They've done our engagement, wedding, maternity, and now G's 6 month photos, and they have all been perfect. She typically only does wedding related photos, but I think once you're a loyal customer she'll help you out with just about anything :)

Here are a few of my favorites. I think I've looked at them a hundred times. That baby is just so darn photogenic I can't stand it!


  1. They turned out fabulous! I am such a sucker for family photos :) If it was up to me, I'd wallpaper our house in them. Love the shades too!

  2. I love these photos so much, such a gorgeous family!

  3. You are seriously the most beautiful family of all time. LOVE these pics - especially the one with the sunglasses. :)

  4. He is seriously SO smiley!! Gorgeous family!

  5. These are so freaking cute! I love the second one and the one where y'all are kissing him. His face cracks me up.

  6. These photos are amazing! Such a beautiful family and gorgeous pictures. The poses are so natural. I love the one with Grayson in front and you guys in the back. Beautiful!


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