Babies Babies Babies

So, apparently now is the time to get pregnant if you're a friend of mine. Just within the last month or so three of my really good girlfriends have told me they're expecting. It will be the second child for all of them, and they all have varying age differences between their first and the baby to be. I absolutely do not have baby fever. Nope, nada, not at all. BUT, it does have me thinking....when will we be ready for baby #2?

I am a complete psycho, because I am pretty convinced that I could never love another baby as much as I love Grayson. I'm afraid that if I have another one they will know they aren't as loved and they will develop problems and grow to hate me. I'm afraid that Grayson will hate the new baby because they will take away the (ungodly amounts of) attention he is used to. I'm afraid poor Addie will be forgotten altogether because not only will I have one, but TWO, actual human babies I have to care for.

At the same time, I know I want another baby. Actually, I know I want two (or three) more babies.  I loved being pregnant. I loved having a teeny tiny cuddly newborn. I love having a fun, adorable growing baby boy. I want to do it all again. And again. And again....

When I think about things logically, I think probably when G is about two I'll be ready to start trying. Or maybe around my 30th birthday, which would make him 1 1/2. But then I think ohmygod that's so soon! I want to spoil my little baby as long as possible before I bring in another baby to steal his spotlight! Buuuuut......if he's older, will it be more difficult for him to share my attention?

Obviously this isn't something that I need to worry about now, but this is what it's like to live inside my brain. You worry about things that really don't matter in any way whatsoever way in advance. It's fun. You should try it.

All you ladies (and guys? no?) out there with more than one kiddo, how did you decide when to add on to the family? Did you just decide to go for it one day, or was it carefully calculated? I once read an article that told the optimal age difference between children...and I have totally forgotten what it said. Two years? That sounds about right, yeah? But if that's the case I'll need to get pregnant right after his first birthday, which is just six months away. That is CRAZY to think about. I don't think I'm anywhere near ready to do that. Clearly I'm insane. (Feel free to disagree and tell me why I'm not)


  1. hahaha...I love this! I've already been planning when we will have number 2 and Tate thinks I am crazy! I just LOVED being pregnant and can't wait to be pregnant again! I don't think of it as taking attention away from Turner but to add more attention as he will get another human being to love him and he can love another person just as much as he loves us. Tate and I plan to do 2 years in between our kids if that is also God's plan. I've already hit 30 so I don't have much time to keep adding children if I for sure want 3 (I really want 4...hubs wants 2 so we've settled on 3). Your brain sounds a lot like my brain though!!! Maybe you and I will always be pregnant at the same time!!!!

  2. I completely have baby fever and I'm nowhere near being in the right place in my life to have one! Hah! But don't worry about not loving baby #2 or #3 as much as you love #1! You'll have a special relationship with each of them!


  3. I had alllllll those same fears. I was afraid I wouldn't love another as much as I loved my first. But it's amazing- as soon as that new baby is born, you do. I didn't believe I would, but man, I love them both so much. And it's the best watching th together.
    Ours are two years + six weeks apart. (I'm lucky enough to get pregnant te exact moment I want to) I wanted them born in different months. Two years is perfect as far as actually having the two kids. My husbands family are all very close in age which made it fun for them growing up, and now, when we're all in the same stage. My family is much more spread out- 11 yrs between me the last sibling- which makes things more difficult.
    We will likely only have one more because of my awful pregnancies, and I think we will have one when Elsie turns three this time. I had panic attacks before I got pregnant with her, and I think I need to give myself more time to mentally recover before doing it again. But two years was great with my first two. Luke was 16 months when I got pregnant. I think you will know when the right time is!

  4. I think I could have written this exact same post. However, I am a 1 and done Mom here now that I'm 13 months into motherhood. Don't get me wrong, our little guy is amazing. The best thing that has ever happened to our family BUT there are times when I couldn't imagine having another little one to care for. But truth me known, I could change my tune in a few years once the little guy isn't so little.


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