Grayson's First Thanksgiving - Part 1

Yep, it has come to the point that I'm having to break holiday posts into two separate posts because I take so many pictures. It would just be absurd to have like 50 photos in two posts it is.

On Thanksgiving day, we got up and got ready for our trip to Oklahoma, then we headed to Arsen's sister Lena's house for our first Thanksgiving meal. One thing I will say about Lena is that if she does something, she does it right! Every event she hosts at her house is beautifully done. She invited a couple other Armenian families over, along with our family and Arsen's parents.
Everything was absolutely delicious, as always, and it was great to get together with so many of them. Grayson got passed around from person to person, and luckily he's the type of baby who will go to just about anyone (well, women at least) and be happy about it. Of course everyone went on and on about how cute he is, which I love hearing. Everyone but one person, that is.

Grayson's cousin Haik is decidedly NOT his biggest fan. Haik is three years old, and he wants absolutely nothing to do with G. I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with the fact that he has been the baby of the family for the past almost three years...then this new baby had to come in and mess everything up for him. It's actually hilarious. He has done everything from repeatedly insist that "Baby wants to go home. Baby wants to leave." to refuse to admit that they are cousins "No, he not my cousin! No!".

He was so upset that Grayson was sitting in his little recliner, so we switched him to his little Mickey Mouse chair...and he was still not happy about it, but he let it happen. Lena also got a picture of the two of them together in Haik's recliner, but I wasn't quick enough to get my camera for that one. Needless to say it didn't last too long.

After a few hours spent with Arsen's family, we went home to pick up Addie and load the car, and then we were off to Oklahoma. Like I said, there's no way I can fit all of those photos in one post, so this will have to be a "to be continued" type of situation. Riveting stuff here, people. I'm sure you're on the edge of your seats waiting for the next installment of "Grayson's First Thanksgiving".

Just try to bear with me through all of the "first holiday" posts...we've only got Christmas, New Year's and Valentine's Day left. I hope you can hang in there ;)


  1. Beautiful tablescape! Beautiful family! Happy 1st Thanksgiving Grayson!

  2. 1) all that food makes me feel full just seeing it in the picture! Yum! 2) I love Grayson's sweaters. Something about a little guy in a sweater melts my heart and 3) Happy Friday!

  3. Man...y'all had a yummy looking spread of food!! Loved all of your pictures! :)

  4. OH MY GOODES, I love the table. LOVE LOVE LOVE the table. Looks like y'all had a great time with loved ones. And yay for little Grayson. Such a cute name BTW!


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