Icepocalypse 2013

Like I said on Monday, we've been basically housebound since last Thursday. There is so much ice outside it is unbelievable. Yesterday if finally started warming up a bit and things started melting a tiny bit, but up until that point everything has been basically a solid sheet of ice.

I'm all for a good winter storm, but I'd much prefer snow to this. Snow you can go outside and play you go outside and you're basically risking your life. Arsen and I wanted to take Grayson out to see what snow there was and to see how he reacted to the cold, and we barely made it out the front door. It was seriously like ice skating. So we stood out there for a few minutes and let him look around and then came back in to warm up.

He didn't seem too impressed by any of it, to be honest. He kind of looked around and stared at everything and we got a few smiles out of him, but that was about it. That kid. Sometimes his reactions to things are ridiculously over the top, sometimes you get nothing at all.
Now I'm just waiting on things to thaw out enough that I can get my stir crazy baby, dog, and myself out of the house....even if it's just for a walk around the block, we need out of here! I also really need to be able to get out of here and do a little Christmas shopping...umm, how did I miss the fact that Christmas is like two weeks away? I am SO unprepared it's crazy.

Are you dealing with crazy winter weather where you are? I feel like I've seen snow and ice all over Instagram the past week or so....


  1. Considering I live in MN...we ALWAYS have snow!!! haha.

  2. At least you got some cute pics!! We are lacking snow and ice which is strange here, but it has been below 0. Sooooooo miserably cold!! Luckily it is starting to warm up this week (20 degrees feels warm!) and hopefully we'll get some snow for Christmas. I'm so behind in prep this year, too! Venturing out to finish up shopping this weekend hopefully.

  3. Graysons cheeks kept him warm!! I still can't believe all the ice in Dallas! My sister was snowed in for 4 days too... they definitely got cabin fever!

  4. Our yard looks similar. What's going on with this weather lately?! And that last picture, Grayson's little face is just too precious. His eyes have gotten dark like his Dads!

  5. such cute pictures! Hope you get out soon :)

  6. love his smiles!! so cute! and yes...thankfully I had to leave home to go back to work and it's further south in texas so no ice down here. I hope you can get out and about soon!!


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