Style Inspiration - Miranda Kerr

I know very little about Miranda Kerr. Like, basically nothing. Victoria's Secret, Orlando Bloom's baby mama, insanely gorgeous. That about sums up my knowledge of the girl. But I have noticed she has amazing style...I mean, basically every photo I see of her makes me want to raid her closet or go shopping immediately. 

Of course, even if I wore the exact same thing, I would look nothing like her since I am not a tall, skinny lingerie model. And some of the things she wears just aren't really practical for roaming around the Dallas suburbs with a baby on my hip. But, I do love her style, and she might just be my new girl crush.
What do you think of Miranda? Big fan? Not so much? Let me know in the comments :)


  1. I am kind of obsessed with her style!!!

  2. sad about her and Orlando though....hate when couples I like break up!


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