So this week has been...a bit of a challenge. Arsen left early Monday morning for a business trip, the first he's been on since Grayson entered the picture. He traveled quite a bit while I was pregnant, so I know the drill, but add a baby to the mix and things get interesting.

A little background for ya. We decided to sell Arsen's car awhile back in order to get an SUV. Since he works from home and I stay home, there's really no need for two cars at the moment. His car is in Oklahoma where my dad is trying to sell it for us. When we found out he would be traveling, we thought no big deal, I'll just drive him to the airport Monday and pick him up Thursday.

Well...then the ice storm happened. There was no way I was getting my baby out in that mess. When he left Monday, the roads were still really, really we decided that he would take the car and I would just be without one for the week. Still, since we were iced in I thought it wouldn't be that big of a deal, plus my mom was coming to visit on Wednesday night, so it would really just be three days.
That kills me. 

And then....I got sick. Monday I felt pretty yucky, but nothing too bad. I thought it was maybe allergies or sinus problems. Tuesday I felt a quite a bit worse. I thought probably an actual sinus infection going on, which always sucks. Then, after a horrible night of sleep for G and myself, I woke up Wednesday morning with a headache, a fever, and what I'm thinking is another case of mastitis. Are you kidding me?

Thankfully, Arsen's mom came over for a couple of hours Tuesday and Wednesday, so I was able to shower and nap for a bit. And then last night my mom got here. But the rest of the time...oh my, that was rough. It is insane how much energy it takes to entertain a seven month old baby for somewhere around 12-14 hours a day. I've already covered how clingy he is right now, so I've had him hanging off of me all day every day while I'm feeling pretty gross. It was exhausting. It made me want to cry multiple times. It made me so thankful and appreciative for my mom, my mother in law, and most importantly, my husband, who helps me more than I think I ever realized. And it made me think, how on earth do the single mamas do it????

When I'm hit with these tiny, insignificant challenges that really throw me for a loop, it makes me realize how incredibly blessed I am at this point in my life. Being sick and taking care of a baby is seriously one of the most exhausting things I've done, but oh my gosh there are so many things in this world that I could be dealing with. If this is my "hard time"...I mean, come on. I'm a lucky, lucky lady.

So I've got my fingers crossed that I miraculously feel amazing soon and things can get back on track. Arsen gets home tonight and I can't wait to see him, and my mom is here to help me today. Tomorrow night we're planning on going to the Reliant Lights Your Holidays celebration that we planned on going to last Friday (it was rescheduled because of the ice), and I'm hoping my mom and I can get our Christmas shopping done. If only I can kick this pesky little sickness it sounds like a pretty good time to me!


  1. Oh goodenss I hope you start feeling better soon!!

  2. When it rains, it pours, right? :) And I totally agree with you - how do the single parents do it? I feel like I'm going crazy half the time already!

  3. I've been thinking how single momma/military wife mommas do it too! My hubs is out of town for a few weeks and E and I are both sicky. You are so lucky to have your mom and MIL around to help. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I hope you start to feel better SOON!!!


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