Have you ever spent much time thinking about what people say about you when you aren't around? Since I'm just a touch obsessive and slightly paranoid, I have. I know the type of person that I think I am, and those who are closest to me would probably agree. But when I think about what casual friends and acquaintances think of me....I'm not really so sure.

I'm guessing people say that I'm nice. I genuinely am a nice person, and I'm pretty sure that translates. People probably do not say that I'm sweet. I describe a lot of people as sweet, but I don't think I have that sweet persona. Nice, sure. Thoughtful, maybe. Sweet? I kinda doubt it.

Friendly? I'm guessing most people think I'm friendly. I will absolutely always greet anyone with a smile and some friendly chit-chat. But I'm betting reserved is right at the top of the list too. Or maybe that comes across as shy. I'm not a shy person, but I am definitely the type to hang back and assess a situation before jumping in and participating. I wonder how that comes across to others?

Moody? Bitchy? I hope not. I mean, of course I can be both of these things (just ask Arsen), but I don't think that these are qualities that people generally associate with me. Sometimes, if Arsen and I have had an argument or I'm just having an off day, I catch myself acting grumpy when we're out with friends or family. But I generally try to correct it quickly. So hopefully it's not the first thing that comes to mind for people!

I would say that the people closest to me might say that I'm funny. I'm not like, stand up comic hilarious, but I'm goofy and can be a bit of a ditz sometimes, so I have been known to make my friends laugh. I think this is an area of my personality that I don't display to casual friends. I'm not (unless I've had an adult beverage or two) the type to try and steal the spotlight. I'm never the girl sitting alone, but I'm rarely the one in the center of it all either.

Opinionated....this I'm not sure about. I am most definitely an opinionated woman, and if I believe something I will try and prove my point all day long. But I also hate confrontation, so I rarely will speak up if I think it's going to cause any type of discord. Unless...

It comes to someone I love. I am loyal to a fault, and I really hope this is something everyone knows about me. I will defend my loved ones to the end. If I love you, I will always take up for you if something negative is being said. I just can't tolerate people I love being disrespected.

Is this something you think about? Or is this really one of those quirky things that I obsess over for no reason? (there are a lot of those, it seems) It's always so interesting to hear what others think about you, and even though you hope it's all good, I'm sure that's not always the case.

I guess this is just another example of what it's like to live inside my twisted little brain. Hope you guys enjoy (or are at least slightly amused by) the peek inside ;)


  1. I definitely think about this, it's not just you. In my 20s I didn't think about this as much as I should have, actually, and it would have been good for my character development if I'd tried looking at my behavior through someone else's eyes!

  2. I think about this all the time!!!!! My first impression is never that good unless I'm really really comfortable, which takes awhile. You are not alone! :)

  3. I probably don't worry enough about it as I should, but sometimes I go through phases where I do.


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