A Scary Story For Your Friday

Well, we've made it to Friday again. I'm pretty excited about what this weekend has in store. Time with friends, working on the house....maybe a little shopping? We'll see if I can convince Arsen that it's a good idea.

Last night we had a moment of terror in our household. Arsen and I were watching TV, and Addie had gone to our bedroom. On the days that she goes to daycare she has started "putting herself to bed" as I like to say. It's like she's just so exhausted that the sound of the television and our talking is too much for her, so she'll go in the room and hop up in bed around 8 or 9.

I wanted to make sure that this is what she had done, so I got up and started walking toward the room. When I was just about to the bedroom door, I saw something small run right by my foot. Being the huge baby that I am, I screamed and started jumping from one foot to the other. Addie came running from the bedroom as fast as she could. Arsen is getting used to my overreactions, so he just said "What is it?".

It was a freaking gecko! A tiny grey gecko, in my house. Of course I'm freaking out, saying, "Babe, come get it! Get something! Come get it! I can't have a gecko loose in my house!!!". So he gets up, grabs a plastic cup, and traps it. Impressive, cause those things are speedy.

Please Don't Hurt Me Mr. Arsen

Then we were kind of at a loss for what to do. I told him to get a piece of paper and slide it under there, then dump him outside. The little thing was kind of cute, I definitely didn't want to kill it!

By this point Addie is in my arms, and we are standing on the third step of the stairs, peering over the side. Can't risk that thing touching us. So Arsen gets the paper, and as he's going to slide it under, he looks up at me and said "Oh no. I squished his tail.". Then we both immediately felt awful for the poor little guy. Arsen said "Look what you made me do!". Way to make me feel like a heartless b-word.

So he picks him up, and releases him outside....and he didn't move. Pretty sure we murdered an innocent little gecko. But he did inform me that our front porch was covered in them, so that's awesome. We had all of our front landscaping ripped out on Wednesday, and I'm guessing it disturbed their habitat or something. Who knows, I'm not a scientist.

It was a very emotional evening for all of us. 


  1. oh my goodness I'd scream too! we have all kinds of crazy freaky grose crawly things out here, not to mention the larger creatures (ah!) and there's no getting use to them no matter how much I have to encounter them! we had a scorpion crawl across our living room floor where I lay down and work out at the same time of night as my work outs! ah!! idk how to overcome that! :/

    glad the gecko didn't get you & Addie ;) ...I'm the SAME way! standing on the sofa or sending my three year old to smash the spiders, etc.

    have an awesome tax free weekend!! you're a lucky girl if you go shopping :) i am so anxious to find an awesome job so I can shop again!! much love.

  2. Poor little guy!!! LOL!

    Hopefully they find new homes soon!! They are cute little critters... I'd rather have them then mice! Because I sure do freak out about mice!

  3. Maybe his tail will grow back?? that happens sometimes on some reptiles. You're not a heartless b, I mean its not like they're was any other option but to kick the gecko out. I'm sure he was fine!

  4. Are you sure he was dead? Because they get rid of their tails when they are scared or in danger. The poor little gecko!

  5. Poor Mr Gecko :(. Hopefully he wasn't dead. I do think their tails will grow back though so if he made it he should have a tail again soon. During the spring we have all sorts of lizards on the back of our house and on the porch. I don't really mind them as long as they done bother me or touch me. Luckily I've never had one in the house! Gives me the creeps!

  6. Lol Celeste, you are the best at telling a story, I can get the entire picture of it in my head! Poor little guy, you guys didn't mean to squish his tail though so you can't feel bad. You were trying to do good and let him free. But seriously those things move so fast, they freak me out too!


  7. I am so afraid of geckos as well. I cannot stand them. They are so creepy! I have seen a few get in the house and freak out until they are trapped and gone!!

  8. Aww...maybe the gecko is still alive and nursing his wound. I thought the tails grew back or it that a childhood myth? Anywho, geckos/mice i'm ok with...spiders and snakes i'm terrified of!!


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