When He Met She

When A and I met, we were both in college at Oklahoma State University (the best school in all the land but that's beside the point). To say that neither of us were looking for a relationship is a huge understatement. I had just gotten out of a relationship a couple of months before, and A was in the midst of very intentional single streak in his life. Let's just say I had heard of him long before I ever met him.

We both had one major focus in our lives. Having fun. Period, end of story. And in the past for both of us relationships did not equal fun. Not one bit.

One night in the summer of 2008 two of my best friends and I decided to venture over to Oklahoma City. School was out, we didn't have much going on, so we went to stay with my mom who lived in a suburb of the city and went out. I don't remember too much that went on that night, but I have one incredibly clear memory. We were walking through the bar, and I saw this guy standing on a raised surface (a stage? a bar? who knows.) doing something that resembled the Dougie. He was surrounded by girls, and he had a fauxhawk which immediately got me. At that point in my life crazy hair was the number one thing that attracted me to a guy. (No, I don't know why. It was a strange phase.) Anyway, this guy was a really good dancer. Two points for random bar guy.

At this point my friend Laura says "Oh my God! That's A! He goes to OSU!". Then she turns around to look at me and says "You should totally date him". My immediate thought was, yes, I totally should.

After summer was over and we were back in the swing of things in Stillwater, my best friend Katie and I spent the majority of our time "socializing". Otherwise known as going out every night of the week. (Don't judge, we were young) Wouldn't you know, this just so happened to be A's favorite activity as well.

So I had my eye on him. In fact, I had already determined that he would, in fact, be mine. Slightly creepy? Yes. But I make no apologies.

The thing was...A wanted nothing to do with me. Katie was friends with him and all of his friends, so that was my in. We would pass by him at the bar, Katie would tell him hi, he would give her a friendly hug, I would stand there and try to look friendly and approachable....and nothing. Not even a glance in my direction. I can recall several instances that this happened. It was SO frustrating.

Finally, on one glorious football Saturday, we spoke. Katie and I were sitting at the bar at Chili's having margaritas, and A and a group of his friends came in. Katie and I had just decided to leave, so I was a little upset, but I was still giddy with excitement because I knew she would go talk to them before we left. We walked over, and I positioned myself directly behind where he was sitting at the bar. (man, I sound like such a creeper) He wasn't paying any attention to me, and I knew we were about to leave, so I said the first thing I could think of. I pointed at his drink and I said "What's that?". 

Good one. He answered that it was a Bloody Mary, and I asked what that was...stimulating conversation here, people. After he told me and I said something awesome like "Oh, that sounds so nasty!", he turned back around to the bar. Defeat.

But then! Then he turned to look at me and said "I really like your hair". And that was it.

But that's all that I needed. I knew that I had him! I mean, he liked my hair, hello! A couple of days later I was in my room in the apartment that I shared with three friends, and I logged into Facebook for some daily stalking. And he had requested my friendship. OMG. I took off running into the living room where Katie was watching Family Guy and eating an entire sleeve of saltine crackers (just a guess, but she did this a lot) and I yelled out "Katie! Oh my God! A just added me on Facebook!!!". She was so sweet and said "Yay CeCe!!!" and celebrated with me. Months later she would tell me that he had requested her friendship the same day, she just didn't want to ruin it for me.

However, this was the beginning of a beautiful thing, this Facebook friendship. One night Katie and I ended up at what turned out to be A's house. Honestly, I had no idea...I wasn't THAT big of a stalker. But much to my disappointment he wasn't home. So when I got home that night I messaged him and said I had been at his house, where was he? He wrote back the next morning and said he was in Arkansas, why was I at his house? And I was in.

Thankfully, the next time we saw A and his friends out, he actually acknowledged that I existed. We started talking and flirting, and before you know it, we were "a thing". You see, I still didn't want a real relationship, I just wanted the cute boy to flirt back and pay attention to me. And he didn't want one either. Or so we thought.

We were inseparable. Every free minute we had we spent together. Literally. I remember one of my roommates asking what I would do if this "thing" between me and A turned into something serious, and I insisted that we were just hanging out and having fun, nothing serious could ever come of it.

Fast forward two months down the road, and A was sitting on his couch whispering in my ear that he loved me while all our friends drank wine and were laughing and joking around us. A couple of months from that, we were discussing marriage. Not like, planning to get married soon, but just knowing that it would happen.

So the moral of the story here people, is that you never know. If you would have told me that night at the bar in OKC that I would marry the crazy dancing guy with the fauxhawk I would have laughed in your face. But here we are, four years later. Isn't life funny?