You Guys....

I broke the 100 followers mark this weekend! What in the world? Let me say, we all know "it's not about the numbers" and all that, but come's a little bit about the numbers. All that I mean by that is, it's much more exciting to be doing this whole blogging thing when you know there are people actually reading the things that you're posting. But much more than it being about the quantity of followers, it's about the quality. And you guys have been making me a very happy girl with all your sweet and thoughtful comments lately.

Soooo in saying that, I would really like to thank all of you wonderful people by doing my very first giveaway. It won't be anything fancy schmancy, but just a little token of my appreciation. I'm currently brainstorming on what I want to do. Stay tuned...

So in addition to that just really making me happy, we had a pretty great weekend. Arsen decided to take the day off on Friday, and I worked from home until one. We decided we wanted to try something new, go somewhere we'd never been before...just shake things up a bit. So we went to Mckinney, another suburb really close to here that we've heard quite a bit about. We went to their downtown area, which is super cute. It has a lot of old buildings that have been revamped and turned into restaurants, bars, and shops. And there were a ton of antique shops, which I love. Sounds like a pretty crazy adventure, right?

We had lunch/dinner at a little Italian restaurant called Sauce. I'm still doing my cleanse/healthier eating thing, so it made it a bit of a challenge. Needless to say, I failed on that meal. We split a pizza, and it was pretty amazing. I also had a strawberry basil mojito and it was yum. After eating we did a little walking around town and stopped in a couple of antique stores. I lovelovelove all the little treasures you can find in antique stores and could spend hours looking around. Arsen was not quite as impressed, shockingly enough. I also discovered it was his first time ever in an antique store, which just blew my mind.

After that I decided that we should have a good old fashioned movie night. We went to rent a few movies at an actual video store, not a Redbox or On Demand, popped some popcorn, and cuddled up for a couple of movies. We watched Friends With Kids, which was eh, and 21 Jump Street, which was surprisingly hilarious. Pretty great evening I must say.

Saturday we randomly decided to have some people over. Our friends Amelia and David (the newly engaged couple), and Joel and Mitch (roommmates, not a couple) came over for a fun night in. Arsen grilled some short ribs and fajita meat that he gets at a local Mexican grocery store and it was delicious. We (everyone else) watched the Rangers game, then a bit of the Olympics, then things got really wild...we played a bit of Catch Phrase. If you've never played the game, it is so much fun. I am not competitive in the least, but I do get just a teeny tiny bit into this game. We ended up playing for a couple of hours...until David decided Wii Zumba was a good idea. No one else was into it, but he had a great time for about three minutes. And I'm not sure I've ever laughed that hard. Everyone sat around awkwardly watching was absolutely hilarious.

Today was pretty low key. Lunch at Chuy's (best Mexican food ever), went to the gym (to combat the Mexican food), went to visit Arsen's parents, and we are watching yet another movie. Addie is curled up in my lap, I'm showered and ready for's just after 9 pm and I've got this entire day wrapped up. So now I'm going to cuddle up with my hubby and my pup and finish this movie, and head to bed nice and early. Goodnight friends!


  1. Congrats on the 100+ girl! I just hit that mark last week too--look at us go! Bah--love Catch is so fun and I get a little bit competitive with it too. We're going to have to watch 21 Jump Street--on our last flight, this lady was literally cracking up the ENTIRE flight. That reason alone makes me want to see it. Glad you had a good weekend. Don't forget to link up with us on Tuesday for the 10 Day Challenge--we're starting with 10 Secrets :)

  2. I love your site! I like all the pictures, Cute!

  3. Congratulation on 100!! I just hit 100 too! It's not about the numbers for me either but it is really neat to think that many people have stopped by my blog at some point. :)

    I keep saying we are going to go to different towns and walk around to explore. The problem is that I always get the urge to explore when it's 100 degrees outside! HA!

  4. Congrats on the hundred love!! You deserve every single one. You and Arsen seriously should be in the running for most attractive couple ever. And catch phrase is such a winner, that game cracks me up!


  5. Sounds like a great weekend!! I love antique stores too. So many cool things to be found :)

    Congrats on 100 followers!!!


  6. congrats! you're so sweet. and we love antiquing! we make sure to stop in a few whenever were in new/different towns. did y'all find anything? :) and I'd love to have a Mexican meat market nearby... being in South Texas you'd think there'd be one.
    much love.

  7. So glad for you hitting 100. I still have a ways to go but am working on it daily. New follower from the Southern Bloggers list. I'm in Tennessee. Julie @

  8. ahh congrats on hitting 100! Im only 8 away, Im hoping it will happen soon! haha Im a new follower, cant wait to read more!

  9. yay congrats! and y'all are so cute...i must also agree with you in that chuys really is the best!! i lived in dallas for a couple years about 7 years ago lol. it was a lot of fun!

  10. oh my god, you have the most beautiful teeth i have ever seen!!!
    is that the most random comment ever? i know. thanks for following me! i'm following you back :)



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