I Have a Problem.

I'm a worrier. And I hate it. I worry about everything. A typical day for me includes a solid 1-2 hours of worrying (by my best estimate). Arsen has a great solution for me: Stop Worrying. But for some reason that doesn't seem to work.


When I'm at work, and we've left Addie home for the day, I sit there and worry about her. I worry about the house catching on fire and her being trapped inside with no way out. I worry about someone breaking in and dognapping her. I worry about her choking on something. Worry worry worry.

When Arsen is gone, I worry. Just about all the millions of things that could go wrong. And if he doesn't answer his phone? Good Lord, the world is coming to an end! All I can think about are car wrecks, muggings, random shootings....it's never ending.

I spilled some dry fettuccine on the floor last weekend, and Addie took off with a piece. By the time I got to her, she had already eaten the entire thing. I didn't think much about it, but an hour or so later when I was on the elliptical at the gym I started thinking....couldn't that be dangerous? That pasta is hard, and sharp when broken. What if it lodged in one of her organs and she was slowly bleeding to death? I started googling "my dog ate dried pasta" and similar things, and one result said emergency surgery could be necessary. Google is a dangerous weapon for a girl like me. By the time we left I insisted we needed to go home to check on her before we ran the rest of our errands. Arsen was not pleased.

I need to find a way to get past the worry, because I can only IMAGINE how much worse this will get with children. I don't want to be the girl who is paranoid throughout my pregnancy, and then worries every day of my kids lives. I'll lose my mind!

This is what brought on this post today:

As soon as I noticed her sad little loose tooth, I started panicking slightly. Her teeth are one of her cutest features! They're so crooked and teeny tiny, and I can't imagine her without them. Then she won't look like a cute puppy, she'll look like an older dog. And this started me on the path of Addie getting older....and soon I'm on the verge of tears. I know, I'm ridiculous! I just can't help myself.

You can tell by Arsen's reaction in the above example what he thinks of my insanity. Not impressed. And probably quite tired of dealing with it. I get upset when he doesn't validate my feelings and tell me that yes, I have every reason to be freaking out about whatever random thing is freaking me out, but....it's not like I can blame him.

Anybody have any suggestions or miracle cures? Am I the only crazy person who deals with this? Seriously, it's a problem.


  1. i'm a worrier too! keep your head up girl!

  2. oh friend, you kinda crack me up! with the "toof" and the "if she looses a cute little tooth." but in all seriousness, worrying is no bueno!! a pastor of ours once said that "worrying is like a rocking chair, you can rock and rock but it will never get you anywhere." i'm definitely gonna pray for you. :)) xoxo

  3. Tip for worrying: you are the master of your thoughts, you can pick what you think about

  4. Choose to think happy positive things to dwell on !


    Ps hope that helped!

  5. I have the same exact problem and I have 2 kids. I worried about everything and seriously had separation anxiety to the point I had panic attacks at night thinking about them going to school the next day. My daughter had to walk 1 block and we lived in a tiny town. I was at work but as soon as the time came that I knew she would be walking to school I started to worry. I even emailed the secretary almost daily to make sure she made it there. It become obsessive the amount of worrying I did about everything! And yes Google is a horrible thing when it comes to this type of worrying. I would have one little pain and google it to find out it could be a heart attack and after going to the er I found out it was gas! It became so overwhelming I went to see a psychatrist and after talking to them for a few session they put me on paxil (for the worrying and accompanying anxiety) and a very low dose of xanax and it has completely changed my life. I take it at night before bed and it has been a life saver. I literally came to a point I thought I would have to quit my job because worrying made me so sick but it feels awesome now to not have that constant worry :)

  6. Lol girl I'm right there with you. I worry about EVERYTHING. I tell Rob daily that I think I'm developing an anxiety disorder because there will be moments in my day where I'll just imagine the worst possible thing happening for no reason. It doesn't send my day into a downward spiral but I do tend to worry far more than I should. I panic easily too, when our pup started limping, I immediately ran him to the vet in tears and proceeded to pay the Vet $100 to look at him to tell me its a common knee condition in malteses. And we went home and he pranced around and my family looked at me like a madwoman. Sigh. To get away from anxiousness, I love doing yoga, I'll do quick moments of mediation and usually I'll plan a weekend getaway ;)


  7. Sometimes you just have to simply take a deep breath and let everything just be. I know it sounds much easier than it is, but you literally just have to DECIDE to let things go. What will happen will happen regardless of how much you do or do not worry about it. Again, so much easier said than done. Sending positive thoughts your way. :)

  8. I worry about things myself.. :/
    My last Shih Tzu, E was always sick... It drove me insane worrying about him when I wasn't at home to let him in. It seems like we always worry about the ones we seriously love the most.
    Natural born worriers :/

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    Hope to see you there, and thanks so much!



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