A Whole Lot of Nothing

Typically on Sunday or Monday each week I do a little recap of our weekend. Well, I'm happy to report that this weekend, I basically have nothing to recap.

That's right. We didn't do much of anything this weekend, and it. was. glorious.

I don't even have any good pictures to share. Only crappy iPhone randoms. That's how amazingly, blissfully boring it was. Arsen may disagree, but this was exactly what I've been wanting.

Friday we did actually go to Dallas for a friend's birthday. We went to a Mexican restaurant over by the SMU campus, and then went out to for a bit. I'm not drinking much lately, other than the occasional glass of wine, so Arsen has a built in DD. We were actually home and in bed by about 1:30.

Saturday was just one of those days where things weren't really working out for us. We went to work out, and then decided we wanted to go eat someplace new. For some reason we were both in incredibly indecisive moods, so we went back and forth forever. After we finally decided on the Shops at Legacy we headed out....and about three minutes before we got there it started raining. And we didn't have an umbrella.

Then when we pulled up to the place we had decided on, the sign on the door said Open Daily at 5 PM. It was about 2:45. Okay...so, on to the next one. We drove around and found another place, a pizza place called Coal Vines that we'd never been to. We walked through the rain from the parking garage over to the restaurant, and when we walked in the hostess said "Just so you know, we don't serve pizza until 4 PM". Of course. The entire reason we went there is because we wanted to split a pizza. We glanced at the rest of the menu, decided we didn't want anything else they had, and then just walked over to the next restaurant we saw. It was just too difficult.

After finally eating, we went shopping for a bit. Arsen was the one who was looking for something, but I'm the one who ended up buying. Imagine that. By the time we were done shopping it was absolutely pouring outside, so we decided it was a good night for cuddling up on the couch with a couple of movies. And that's what we did. It was delightful.

Today was just a normal Sunday. Gym, groceries, visit with Arsen's parents, and cleaning up the house. Now, I'm ready for bed. I am literally exhausted and I have no idea why since this is the least I've done on a weekend in I don't know how long. So I'm going to finish up the laundry, get lunch ready for tomorrow, and hopefully be in bed by 9 PM. Nothing sounds better.

Happy Sunday people. Tomorrow's Monday. Get excited.

The only random pics from this weekend:

 Addie really digs her new bed. 

So I forgot to take my band aids off before my spray tan....awesome.


 Spotted this at a bar in Los Colinas. Creepy.

 Arsen and one of his best frans.

On our way to visit the in-laws. Don't mind my no-makeup look.


  1. Oooh sucks about the band aid tan line--that's gotta be the first time I've seen that. You haven't been drinking lately...??? :)

  2. Oh my gosh, your band aids - How funny!
    I know, I did not do much this weekend either, kinda boring!



  3. Is it bad that I just had to smile at the photo of your ankles? Sounds like something I would do....

  4. LOL the picture of your spray tan cracked me up girl! Also, you still look gorg with no makeup, lucky you! Rob and I had almost nothing critical on our schedule this weekend and we LOVED it. Having plans is nice but a nice leisurely weekend is also AMAZING!



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