What Have I Done?

Guys, I really got myself into something I shouldn't have. I'm not sure what I was thinking....but now there's no changing my mind.

Somehow, I thought it was a good idea to agree to participate in a fantasy football league. Me. The girl who literally couldn't tell you one thing about the game of football, even after cheering at football games for six years of her life. The girl who's idea of torture is being forced to sit and actually watch a game of football. Who can only name the NFL players that are hot enough to be featured in a magazine or are in funny commercials. What on earth was I thinking?

Probably the closest I've ever been to a football.

I'm participating in the Battle of the Spouses GMC Fantasy Football draft this Sunday here in DFW (Irving to be exact) with some other bloggers and their significant others. When I got the email I was actually pretty excited, because somehow I missed the whole "battle of the spouses" thing and mistakenly thought Arsen and I would be competing together. Nope. I'm on my own. And I'm scared.

So you can expect a full report in the next few days, probably about my utter embarrassment at being the least knowledgeable person there. I'm just holding out hope that I can sit close enough to Arsen that he can whisper some tips to me....

Along with that hilariousness, we have a pretty great weekend planned. Tonight we'll be going out with some of Arsen's coworkers. I heard their might be a piano bar involved, which makes me giddy with excitement. A little known fact about me: I love music, and I love all kinds. Like alllll kinds. I can identify and sing along to more random songs than you would believe. And it brings me some kind of twisted pleasure when people are shocked to hear me singing along to something completely unexpected....especially Arsen. So a piano bar is the perfect place for me. You're actually encouraged to sing along, no matter how off key....which I most usually am.

Tomorrow we are dropping the pup off at her favorite daycare for a nice little haircut and a day full of playing with her best doggie friends. Then Arsen and I are heading to Fort Worth for more fantasy football. Luckily, I'm not playing this time (although I should probably pay attention and take notes). Some other wives/girlfriends will be there for a girls night in a separate part of the house. Sounds pretty good to me.

So please, please, wish me luck. If you have any magical tricks or helpful fantasy football pointers, please let me know. Seriously.


  1. Good luck!!! I did some kind of basketball bracket thing earlier in the year. I don't watch any sports but if I did it certainly wouldn't be basketball. I ended up coming in 15th place out of 200 and something. So maybe beginners luck will be on your side!! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. from my understanding, drafting a running back followed by a QB is the MOST important thing. the fiance is obsessed with fantasy football, i usually tune it out but i have caught enough convos to know running back & qbs are the first and most important (they also go super fast in a draft). you will also need a good defense, which are usually just selected by teams as a whole not individuals.

  3. Good luck, girl! My husband tried to teach me the rules but I have no idea what's going on most of the time. As a German I only know the rules of soccer. :)

  4. Omg how FUNNY. I was just telling Rob I'm going to start a full fledged feature on my blog about football! Mostly because I am OBSESSED with fantasy football :) Definitely get a line of Running Backs first, because they get you the most points typically! I don't know how many your league allows but I would pick up 2-3 running backs as my first 3 draft picks. Then a GOOD quarterback. If no one has them yet: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Eli Manning are all good bets. If those guys are taken, take a look over at Matt Stafford or Cam Newton. Lol this message is gonna get too long, I should just write that blog entry soon and you can always e-mail me!! :)


  5. I know nothing about fantasy football either!! being a mama of 2 boys, I have played football many times though ;) good luck!

    you're so sweet, so I nominated you for the Liebster blog award, see here:

    hope you're having a fab weekend!! much love.

  6. found your blog through the giveaway! so excited to be a new follower :D please come check out my blog sometime as well!!

  7. OH MY GOSH... are you my long lost twin?? I am joining a fantasy league for the first time too! And I feel outta my league! Whoaaa silly pun. lol Anyways good luck girl, we will have to keep each other updated on our progress.

  8. How fun!! I signed up for my first Fantasy Football with my sorority, so I'll pass on any info i get, but like you I am new to Fantasy Football. I can tell some things about some players, mostly the popular ones...it should be fun thou. Oh and I coached cheer and learned some new things, but ask my girls what is going on in the game and none of them could tell you...lol why is that?


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