My Kind of Weekend

I must say, this has been a pretty great weekend. You know I'm a bit of a homebody, and I definitely got some good lounge-on-the-couch time in. I also got had a few unexpected surprises. And I sure do love a good surprise.

On Friday night Arsen and I spent a delightful evening laying around watching TV (Lost). I know, you're probably sick of hearing that we're watching Lost. Don't worry, we're on Season 5. It's almost over. And it is blowing. my. mind. Anyhow, I had done a spray tan earlier that day, so I was all nasty and sticky, and we were just lounging around in our sweats, relaxing. About 10 or so I got a text from one of my best friends Amelia, saying "I'm Engaged!!!!". I was of course super excited for her, because she is an absolute sweetheart and deserves all the happiness in the world, and told her we needed to meet up asap so I could hear all the details. Little did I know that at the same time her brand new fiance was texting Arsen, asking if we could meet up for celebratory drinks. We decided of course we could go, although Arsen was slightly embarrassed to be seen with me since my sticky tan makes me look like Snookie before I shower. It ended up being a really fun night, and I'm so glad we got to celebrate with them.

She's Engaged!!!

Saturday was a lot of running errands and being productive. We washed my car, got Arsen's oil changed, got Addie food, treats, a new bed, and heartworm medicine...basically a lot of boring stuff, but I enjoy stuff like that because it makes me feel productive. After we got home I attempted to take a nap (Addie did not want me napping, apparently), and then we just layed around and enjoyed the evening. Love it.

 Enjoying her new bed :)

This morning I got a text from another one of my best friends, Katie, asking what we were doing. She and her husband were randomly in Dallas and wanted to have breakfast. I found it to be very strange that she was here and I didn't know, but come to find out they had been in Florida this weekend. They were flying home standby, and the earliest flight they could get from Dallas to Tulsa was after 11 pm tonight. So they got a rental car and were driving the rest of the way home. So it was a nice little surprise to get to see them for a bit.

And then this afternoon, I met up with Jennifer from Our Love and Our Blessing for my very first blog date! I was honestly a little nervous, because what a random way to meet someone...but it was SO much fun! She is just an absolute sweetheart and we had such a great time. We had a fun little lunch, and then did a bit of shopping. We actually ended up buying the exact same skirt....and then we realized we had on the exact same shade of nail polish. So funny. I'm so happy that we went through with it! It's so funny meeting someone for the first time and realizing you already know so much about them. Isn't this little world of blogging so interesting?

 Yay for new friends!

So really, this was my kind of weekend. I feel like I can jump into a new week feeling refreshed. Although the thought of that alarm going off at 6 am makes me want to cry...but what are ya gonna do? Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. such a fun weekend! love your dress in the last picture!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! Looks like you girls had a fun bloggy date :)

  3. My kind of weekend!!

    Is this your first time watching Lost? We watched it whenever it was on tv but last year I bought my hubby the complete set so we just finished re-watching the whole series. If this is your first time seeing it all I HIGHLY recommend that you watch season 1 again after you watch the last season. There will be so much you didn't realize was going on WAY BACK THEN! Love it!

  4. How exciting! I can't wait for the day when my best friends get engaged, sounds like it was a fun weekend! I wish Texas and CA were closer so we could have a blog date too! Love both of your outfits!! :)


  5. When I met my husband I was about 2 seasons behind on Lost and found out he had them on disk. I immediately knew we would be BFF and made him come over to my house every night after class so we could watch a few episodes haha. And then I married him of course :)

  6. um you look gorgeous in that first pic!! so excited for your friend!

  7. Snookie spray tan or not, you look so cute in the top picture!

  8. Snookie spray tan or not, you look so cute in the top picture!

  9. A fun weekend indeed! You look great with your tan :) Love your dress in your blog date too!

  10. Sounds like you had a great time! Never compare yourself to Snookie, spray tan or not, you are SO pretty! Congrats to Amelia on her engagement! :) Love your dress in the last pic and the idea of a blog date!


    xo -Shar


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