Where Does The Time Go?

I'm beginning to realize that there is not nearly enough time in the day. I mean, I already knew that, obviously I always complain about being too busy to get anything done, but now I'm really annoyed because I can't seem to find the time to blog.

On Monday I started this weight loss cleanse, and I've been eating super healthy and working out every day. Once I get home around six or so, work out, shower, and eat, it's already after eight. Then I of course want to spend some time with Arsen and Addie...and do a bit of relaxing. So when am I supposed to blog? So frustrating.

Somehow I've got to get a little more organized. I wish I could just sleep like four hours a night so I had more time to be productive, but somehow I don't think I could survive on that.  I keep thinking somehow something will happen that will make it all easier, that will make time slow down...but I know that's not true. I feel like I've got my priorities in order so....I guess there's really nothing else I can do but accept the fact that I just might not get everything done that I really want to get done. As long as I am happy and healthy, my hubs feels like he's getting enough love and attention from me, and my little dog is fed and bathed and gets all the belly rubs a little dog could want, well, then I guess I've done enough.


  1. I know what you mean girl! I cannot find enough hours in the day and no matter how hard I try, I cannot blog ahead of time so every night I'm up late trying to get everything done. Ugh. Good for you getting your fitness! :) I need to get started!


  2. Hi Celeste! I'm a new follower from the TX Bloggers group! :)

    I so wish I could get by on just 4 or 5 hours of sleep. I would get SO much more accomplished. I need a minimum of 7 (8 is better) to function though.

    Glad I found your blog. It seems like we may have a lot in common! :)

  3. I totally hear you on how to fit everything into one day...I love to blog. And I try to post 5-6 times per week...just to get things out of my head, but the last couple of days I just really wanted to do other things. And I'm finally okay with it because I realized, I'm blogging for me and not for anyone else. I think as long as you feel good about what you are doing and are happy in life, sometimes things can wait. And you real readers will understand. Plus it'll allow you to come up with fab content to blog about when you're living life. ;) (And if I could function on 4 hours of sleep, I'd totally do that too...lol) So glad you stumbled upon me and found the TX Bloggers Group. Glad I got to stumble back to you. Have a great weekend!!

  4. I think everyone feels like that at some point. But you're right, you just have to accept it. I get up at 5 or 5:30 every morning to get my training in (have I mentioned to you I'm doing a triathlon on the 25th?) then head to work then home to cook dinner, do homework for my GRE prep class, exercise the dog etc. and go to bed. Have you seen my blog lately? Yeah, I don't keep up nearly as well as you. lol don't worry, you're doing Great!

  5. Hi there! Super cute blog; love it! I know exactly what you mean about this time that is constantly escaping us! :-)

    I'm now following you from the "Southern Bloggers" link-up! I hope you'll head over to my page and follow me back. Us southern bloggers gotta stick together ;-)

    Sarah B Texas @ City Girl Gone Country

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