9 Months.

I say two things every month: I can't believe Grayson is (insert number) months old already, and (insert number) months is my favorite age so far! Well, wouldn't you know, I feel the exact same way about 9 months as all the others. I am amazed that he's already been on the outside for just about as long as he was on the inside...9 months passes super fast when you've got exciting things going on I've learned.

Another thing I've learned? It seriously gets harder and harder every month to take a decent picture. They get progressively worse the more mobile he becomes. This month I just gave up after like three minutes because it was obvious it wasn't happening...that and he'd already chewed up half of the "9 Months" sticker.

OH! One more thing before I get to my letter: Grayson's birth story is featured on one of my all time FAVORITE blogs today, Mama & Mou. I absolutely adore Kristin, and I'm so honored that she featured our story!

I think it's official: you and I are completely obsessed with each other. We make each other laugh, we love to hang out, we play fun games, we dance and sing....I'm pretty sure we're best friends. You are seriously just an absolute JOY to be around these days. Happy, funny, sweet and a big goof. Pretty much the coolest baby in all the land.

You are growing so fast, in size and in all around development. I'm almost positive you're an actual genius baby, but I might be slightly biased. You are allllll over the place these days. I can't keep up. If I walk out of the room for two seconds to grab something, by the time I come back you've disappeared. It's terrifying. And it means I literally can do nothing but watch you all day, every day.

You're starting to test your boundaries around here. You seem to have a pretty good understanding of what no means, and it's about 50/50 on if you listen to it or not. You've started doing something where if you get told no you bounce up and down really fast and grab on harder to whatever you have. Or if you're crawling toward something you aren't allowed to have (Addie's toys, always Addie's toys) and I catch you, you crawl as FAST as you possibly can to try and make it there. You also throw fits a little less than last month, but when you do you arch your back and throw yourself back and cry like I'm the meanest mom on the planet.

You're still mostly living on mama's milk at this point, but we're giving you pieces of most things that we eat. You'll try anything, and as long as you can feed it to yourself you seem to be a fan of most foods. You love water and drink it whenever I give you your sippy cup...although you aren't great at holding it yourself (totally my fault cause it's easier for me to just do it).

One of the funniest things you do is attack our faces with open mouth kisses/bites. You grab onto both sides of my face and pull me in as hard as possible, then basically try to eat my face. It makes me laugh, which makes you laugh and do it more. It's hilarious and adorable...like everything you do. You seriously make me laugh so much. Sometimes you'll just hold onto my face and look at me real close and just laugh and laugh. So funny. You also just started doing that thing babies love to do where you want to put things in other peoples mouths. Your teething rings, your socks, my hair....you really like to share, which is sweet. Another new development is climbing the stairs. You're pretty quick at it, and mama needs to buy a baby gate ASAP. You've got as high as the fourth step and then I get scared and take you away.

One way I know you're just about the best baby around is by the fact that you are currently getting FOUR teeth in your tiny little mouth at the same time, and you are just as happy as ever. You rub your little gums really hard and get a tiny bit fussy sometimes, but if I get you a little Orajel natural stuff and give you something to chew, you're happy as can be. Also, you are such a good sleeper. You usually go down around 8 to 8:30, wake up maybe around 12:30 or so to nurse, then maybe around 4:30 or so, and then usually about 6:30 or 7. Most of the time, I'd say 90%, you will even go back to sleep after that and not wake up for the day until 7:45 or 8. Mama LOVES YOU for this, because mama LOVES her sleep.

Right now I would have to say your favorite things are crawling around and getting into EVERYTHING, Addie....oh man do you love Addie, bouncing up and down when you're standing up holding onto things, trying to climb things, putting things in other peoples mouths, taking off your socks and eating them, walking around when you're holding on to things, and seeing your favorite people. You aren't a fan of diaper changes, getting dressed, and unfortunately over the last few days, bath time. You also really don't like it when we take things away from you, and you hate waiting on things you want...like bites of food.

Even when you're unhappy, it doesn't last long. Like I said, you are truly a joy to be around right now. You are so fun and funny and happy and sweet. You are my most favorite little guy in all the world, and I am so glad I get to spend every single day watching your cute little personality develop. I love you oh so very very much.




  1. Congrats on the feature! Oh just wait 10 months is even better! He really is so stinkin cute. Y'all make pretty babies.

  2. Happy 9 months to Grayson!!! You need to get some videos of all this fun stuff...I want to see it :)

  3. Awhhh 9 month!! My Greyson will be this in just about two weeks & I always say the same thing, can't believe he is so old and its my fave age! He is too sweet!


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