On the way to Dallas last Friday, I discovered a magical song. Grayson just was not pleased with the fact that he had to be strapped into his carseat, and since I was driving I had no way to calm him down. Once that kid gets past a certain point of frustration, it's all over. He will literally scream and cry for an hour if you don't take him out of his carseat. Trust me, it's happened. Luckily it's only about a 30 minute drive into Dallas, but I still just couldn't deal with it. So I tried singing silly songs, tried the "Grayson, what does the kitty cat say?" thing, tried it all. After about five minutes I finally decided to just turn on some music and hope that would do the trick. 

Umm, it did.

I'm quite sure just about everyone out there has heard the song "Say Something" by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera. If you haven't, I've included the video, and you really should listen to it because it's beautiful. And my son is IN LOVE with it. Seriously, I'm not kidding when I tell you it's magical. I turned it on and cranked it up pretty loud, and he went from screaming to silent within the first few notes. He's heard it before and I knew he liked it, but it was hilarious how fast it worked. 

After it finished, I played it again to make sure he was good and calm. He was so quiet that I thought he was asleep after the second time through, so I let it go to the next song. I kid you not, maybe three seconds into the other song I hear a frantic "Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!" from the backseat. So I backed it on up to his song, and went on to listen to it approximately 13 more times. He fell asleep at some point, but I wasn't risking it, so I just kept it going.

It really is a great song, but man, is it sad. It had me feeling pretty melancholy by the time we got to the mall. Seriously, I could have cried, and I almost did, but then I realized how absolutely insane that would have been because I had nothing at all to be crying about, so I shook it off. But if you're in a down place or just went through some kind of awful break up, I advise you to steer clear.

So we've been using it ever since to cure any problems that arise. Fussy? Play "Say Something". Doesn't want to cooperate? Play it again. Sleepy but won't go to sleep? Put him in the carseat, crank it up, and start driving. He'll be out in two minutes. Magic, I tell you!

Has anyone else experienced something like this with their child? He's always been a music lover and it's always been a good way to calm him down, but this is pretty funny. Since I found out he was a boy I've been saying he's going to be a rockstar, so maybe my premonition was on track. Fingers crossed ;)


  1. That is hilarious! Turning up any kind of music really loud usually worked for us. Sometimes it was just to drown out the crying. There is NOTHING worse than be stuck in a car with a screaming baby/toddler.

  2. Haha you do what you have to do mama! Whatever works right? How cute that he loves this song I love it too! I had absolutely no idea that Christina Aguilera was the girl's voice!

  3. This is too funny. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse calms Kenley down INSTANTLY. We have episodes saved to our phones & iPad so that we are never without Mickey.


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