A Blank Mind and a Whole Lotta Nothin'

Every once in awhile I sit down to write up a post and my mind goes completely blank. That's where I'm at right now. I literally can't think of a single thing to share with you guys...well, nothing that wouldn't take a lot of effort, and if we're being honest, I just don't feel like it!

I'm writing this late Thursday night, and at the moment I've got a little sleeping baby cuddled up next to me. My husband just got home from a business trip tonight and he's passed out on the other side of Grayson (yep, still bed sharing...and I'm happy about it). My dog has abandoned me for the past four nights and has been sleeping upstairs with my mom, who came to stay with me since Arsen was traveling. Right now, I'm quite sure every single person (and pup) in the house but me are sleeping, and that thought is making me very sleepy. So I think I'll give up on coming up with anything clever or witty or heartfelt...and I'll just say goodnight :) Well, good morning, because YOU won't see this until tomorrow, sillies!

If you haven't yet, be sure and enter to win the 8"x10" canvas print that Easy Canvas Prints is giving away here on this little ole blog. Today is your last shot, and entries aren't too high, so your chances are good!

I hope every single one of you lovelies has an amazing, fun-filled, hopefully not absolutely freezing, weekend. I don't have a single thing planned other than a date night with my hubster, and that's exactly how I like it sometimes. No plans, no obligations, so hopefully lots of catching up on sleep and relaxing (HAHAHAHA). Happy Friday to you, friends!


  1. Have a great weekend girlfriend! Hope you get at least an hour of relaxation ;)

  2. I have those days a whole lot. I should send you a pin I found on Pinterest that has over 600 writing props for when you have writer's block.

  3. Had one of those myself today. Well, minus the baby. ;) Can't wait to see you next month!


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