The Purge

Now that we are maybe, potentially, hopefully moving, I am more aware than ever of the large amount of stuff that we have. I mean, really. How is it possible that two adults, a baby and a dog have so much stuff? And I feel like a very small portion of what we have is anything that I actually want.

I think maybe my taste is changing? That has to be it. Because I seriously look at all our many, many belongings and I feel kind of meh about the majority of it. The new stuff I've been buying is totally different than what I've bought in the past, which is fun...but it means I've got a real random mix going on around here. I would say if there were a word to describe my style it would probably be "eclectic", so the randomness doesn't bother me too much....but I think I need to kinda figure out what I'm going for.

Also, my closet. Sigh. I have SO many clothes. And shoes. And I never, ever feel like I have anything to wear at all. I have been super inspired by Sarah from Tucker Up, who I had the pleasure of meeting completely randomly this weekend. We actually ran into each other at a pizza place...what are the odds?? Anywho, Sarah has totally inspired me because she did not shop for an entire YEAR. Can you imagine? She basically just spent the year shopping her closet...and when I started thinking about that I realized how I probably could do the exact same thing. I'm not saying I'm going to not shop for a year - let's not get crazy - but I'm gonna see how long I can keep it up. I've sworn to myself that I'll wear every single item in my closet, and if I hate it, it's out.  I've already found three pairs of jeans and a sweater that went straight to the donate pile after spending the day in them and feeling not so hot.

So my plan is to do a complete and total purge during this moving process. Or non-moving process if we end up staying here. Either way, I want to simplify and keep only the things I really love. I'm kind of a weirdo because doing stuff like this is really exciting to, now getting dressed every day is fun because it's a challenge. So hopefully that will motivate me to keep it up. If nothing else it should help my marriage, because think of all the money I'll save!

Ha, who are we kidding....if we move into a new house I'm sure I'll make up for it buying new stuff to decorate with. It was a nice thought, though.

Oh, and these photos have nothing to do with anything. I just found a bunch of pics on my camera that I forgot why not?


  1. I often feel like our lives would be so much calmer if we could get rid of about half of what we own. Where does it all come from?!

  2. We will be moving in about 3 months and I feel the same way! Out with the old!

  3. I have been on a definite purge rampage lately. Seriously SO much stuff and my closet is out of control. My rule now is everything has to have a "home" and it has to be a necessity to be stored in a closet.

  4. Getting dressed every day also helps to keep you focused on staying healthy. I have been purging our house as well. My house has zero flow. I need to decide what is our family style and stick with it. Are we rustic? More modern? Country? Vintage? I'm not sure.

  5. A purge is definitely needed from time to time!


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