That's It?

I think the weekends are getting shorter. I mean, really. It feels like this weekend barely existed.

It may be because we were kind of going going going nonstop. Friday I took Grayson to that little music class in Dallas with my friend Brynn and her little boy, Briggs, who's just about 6 weeks younger than G. Grayson really seemed to love the class...he danced pretty much the entire 20 minutes, which was cute. I'm glad it was so short though, because he definitely got a little antsy at some points. After lunch with the two of them, we headed back to the 'burbs for a night in with our little family.

Saturday we started looking at houses....and it was intense. We went to see 10 houses in about 3 1/2 hours. We're looking a few different areas because we aren't totally sure where we want to be. The town that we live in is growing like crazy, and there are barely any houses on the market right now. The odds of us finding something here aren't great. So we're looking at surrounding towns, and we wanted to see something in every area we're considering. I found one house that I wanted to buy on the spot, but obviously it will probably be gone before we sell this house. Waaah.

We're actually listing the house this week, so things might be about to get kinda crazy over here. Basically the entire weekend, other than when we were looking at houses and a few trips to run errands, was spent cleaning and organizing and whatnot to get the house ready to show. I have no idea how I'm going to keep our house presentable with a baby and a dog and a traveling husband, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. And if our house goes quickly, which it might since there isn't a whole lot available, then we are going to be desperate to find somewhere to go. Our realtor said sometimes people put all of their stuff in a pod and stay at one of those extended stay hotels for a few weeks until they can get into a new house....umm, that sounds like some insane form of a torture with a baby and A working from home when he's not traveling. I'm not even sure how that would work. So cross your fingers for us that somehow we sell our house/move into a new one with no gap in between where we're out on the street. Ahh!

I'm reallyreallyreally going to try to keep up with the blogging thing throughout this whole process. I've started doing a little freelance writing on the side, too, so my plate is just a little bit full at the moment, but I really want to document everything as we go. I think I can handle it.

So anyway, Happy Monday to all of you beautiful people...I hope your weekend was amazing and your Monday is just splendid.

And here's a totally unrelated photo of G that just melts my heart when I look at it. What's new, right?


  1. HOW EXCITING! And stressful! I'll be praying that your house sells quick but you find a perfect house just as quick.

  2. As Kristin said, exciting and stressful all in one! We will be entering the selling the house venture at some point (probably this year). I'm not looking forward to it. The good thing is that if there is a gap we can stay with my parents. I hope with our income taxes we can do a lot of fixing up around the house to get it sell ready. Thanks for keeping us in on the process.

  3. I've never sold a house before but it just about seems like the most stressful thing ever! We are outgrowing our home but I just don't ever want to deal with the stress of moving. Yikes! Praying for a smooth transition for you. It is super exciting at least!

  4. Diddo what Kristin said!!! So happy that you are doing some freelance work on the side. Were you in to journalism before becoming a SAHM?

  5. Ohhh such an exciting and stressful time all rolled up into one!! If you do end up having to the extended stay hotel thing in between...Residence Inn by Marriott offers 2 bedroom options with a full kitchen and living/dining room...which might makes things a bit more doable. :)


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