A Very Rambling Weekend Recap of Sorts

Oh hey there, Monday...back again so soon? Seriously, how is it possible that the weeks pass so quickly...and I feel like I blink my eyes and the weekends are over?! Ah well, here's to a fresh start and a new week, yeah?

So our weekend was low-key and super productive. Arsen was traveling for work all last week, so we decided to do date night Friday night since we missed each other oh-so-much. Say what you want, but having a husband that travels sure does make you appreciate him A LOT more. My mom was in town, so she watched Grayson while Arsen and I went to Papadeaux and stuffed ourselves full of amazing seafood until we couldn't breathe. Have you ever been there? Seriously, the food is beyond good. After that we came home and got to stay up for hours upon hours with a baby who decided he just really didn't want to sleep. Nope, he would much rather stay up shrieking and giggling and attacking my face with open mouth bite-kisses. It was insane.

And then he did it again Saturday night. Sigh.

But Saturday day wasn't too bad...it was actually spent just being ridiculously productive for the most part. That morning I had a massage scheduled that I forgot about, so that was a super delightful surprise. After that, I came home and we organized alllll our paperwork, cleaned out the garage, and did laundry. Can I just say Thank ya Jesus for helpful husbands? I don't know what I'd do without that guy, for reals. After exhausting ourselves doing all that stuff we decided to treat ourselves to some yummy sushi...and yummy it was. This was a good weekend for food, let me tell ya.

Sunday we went and had breakfast with Arsen's parents and looked at a couple open houses...apparently we're thinking about moving again? I don't know, it's crazy and who knows and we might but we might not and my brain could explode just thinking about it so I'm just kind of pretending not to worry about it. So yay! Hahahahaha (nervous laughter....)

Oh, this weekend also was the first time Grayson has even shown the slightest hint of sickness....he had his first runny nose. It was so sad, it made my mama heart hurt and I felt so helpless. He felt totally fine, but the poor guy was just leaking like a little faucet for most of the weekend, and at night he sounded SO congested! I'm guessing this is why he wasn't sleeping...not so fun to sleep when you can't breathe, so why not stay up and party? He seems to be on the mend though, fingers crossed.

So that pretty much sums up our weekend around here. What did you do??? I'd guess probably something much more exciting, if I were a betting woman. But I'm not.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, a few Instagram photos from this weekend. If you aren't following me there, you should totally do it by clicking right here. See how simple? I'm really trying to post things other than my adorable child. Sometimes I succeed.

*Oh, also...I lost the cord that hooks my camera into my computer. So THAT is why you have yet to see a "Grayson's First Christmas" post (or three). I keep reminding myself to go buy a new one and it just keeps slipping my mind. So let's all just hope that I somehow remember and we aren't reading a Christmas post in February.
 G with a runny nose and Mama after a day of cleaning....but still smiling, so that's something.
 The pillow I made this weekend that I am proud of on an embarrassing level. 
 Grayson's favorite new spot to nap...he's a strange one.
I went a little nutso buying new "home decor" things at Hobby Lobby


  1. I like the grouping of the "home decor" items and the pillow is very pretty! You should be proud.

  2. Seriously cute kid and who doesn't go nuts buying things at hobby lobby.

  3. Your son is so cute. Hobby Lobby will be the death of my budgets and bank account

  4. He is not really sleeping like that is he?? I die. How is that possible? And lucky you! Connor will only sleep in his crib. No where else. We get lucky every once in a while and he will fall asleep in his car seat but mostly, he is a total crib sleeper.


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