Do you ever feel like your brain is completely and totally overloaded...to the point where you kind of just shut down? I'm kinda sorta feeling like that at the moment. Suddenly, I have a lot going on, and after months and months of my number one function in life being "keep baby alive", all of this commotion is making my head spin. Because I still have to keep him alive plus this other stuff.
Can't even get a decent picture of the kid now...he has to grab everything.

Working moms...hats off to ya. Really. Yes, being a stay at home mom is hard. Yes, it's exhausting. Yes, it's monotonous. Yes, it can be thankless. Yes, yes, yes. BUT. I can stay in my sweat pants, not do my hair or make up, and take a nap with Grayson if I really need to. I may not get a single thing accomplished, I may not get dressed, and I may not have a single interaction with anyone over the age of 8 months for an entire day...but I can nap.

All that to say, now that I have these things that I absolutely must do, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and like meh....I'm gonna need that nap today. I *think* we've decided to list our house. Like, ASAP. Which means I've got to make it look perfectly presentable and not like a tornado of a dog and a super messy baby live here. And when 99.9% of my day is spent saying "Grayson, don't touch that! Grayson, don't eat that! Grayson, that's Addie's! Ahhhh!!! Grayson, no no no!!! Take that out of your mouth!!!!" and running to remove said object from his hands or mouth....well, I just don't seem to be making much progress.

I've also got a few other potential things going on. So right now I'm in the beginning stages of a couple of things, just getting things together and organized and whatnot. Again, with a little psychotic baby who enjoys eating fuzz off the floor, then choking and gagging, then throwing up all over me....yeah. Some days I just don't accomplish a single thing off my increasingly long to do list.

So that's where I'm at today. Brain = fried. Mama needs a nap. The upside is I do have an appointment to get my hair done this evening, so that means I get three hours to sit in a chair and not do a single thing. Mini vacation in mama-land.

I hope everyone has a super fantabulous Wednesday. We're almost to the weekend. Hang in there, ladies (gents? I never know if there will be a random guy reading).


  1. Oh I remember those days. It will get easier. Enjoy those naps while you can take them. Those 3 hour mini-momma-vacations seem all the sweeter when you've had a day of getting nothing on your to do list done.

  2. I remember when my brother and sister were that age, it's a rough one. Babies at that age are either making a mess or inadvertently trying to kill themselves by doing things they shouldn't (aka putting their head dangerously close to the edge of a table). Lol the good thing is that someday soon, they grow. Haha Hang in there C, you got this!

  3. I'm in this same position right now. My brain is in overload. We are trying to decide what our future will hold and how we are going to make it happen. We have $25,000 in medical debt from these past 2 years with my c-section, Jack in the NICU, my hospital stays and doctor visits, my surgery, and then home health. We are thinking about selling our house and moving in with my parents for a year so we can put half our money toward our debt each month. The idea of doing that sounds daunting but not doing anything but continuing to pay the minimum is drowning us financially and mentally.


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